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Chelsea Breimann

Chelsea Breimann
Neurocognitive Specialist

As a Neurocognitive Specialist, Chelsea Breimann conducts electroencephalogram (EEG) tests that are used as part of patient assessments at Caron.

Chelsea works with medical and psychological staff to assess the brain wave activity data the EEG provides in order to determine if neurofeedback would be useful in treatment. The brain-based therapy gives patients a way to regulate dysfunctional activity and reinforce healthy brain function.

She is dedicated to her patients’ wellbeing, focusing on the ability of neurofeedback to help them navigate the obstacles addiction creates and find a path forward to a healthy recovery. For patients, neurofeedback can also be a validation that they can change their behavior and learn coping skills by retraining their brain.

Her work also entails keeping up with the latest research, which enables her to provide her patients with a better understanding of how addiction affects the brain. That understanding reduces the stigma attached to addiction and patients’ ability to maintain recovery.

Chelsea began working at Caron in 2020. Prior to coming to Caron, she did neuropsychological assessments to test for learning disabilities and autism in children as well evidence of dementia in older adults. She is also a second lieutenant in the Air Force and will become active when she finishes her doctoral program.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in neuroscience from King’s College and a Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology with a forensic concentration from Adelphi University.

“As a clinician who used to refer patients to Caron, I’m delighted to be working at a center known as one of the premier providers of addiction treatment.”