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Bryan Stickney

Bryan Stickney
Primary Therapist
Bryan Stickney

As a primary therapist at the Caron Atlanta Outpatient Treatment Center, Bryan Stickney works with adolescents and their families, providing group and individual therapy with the goal of guiding them to a healthy, lasting recovery and restoring relationships and communication within the family system.

His primary tool, in addition to his master’s in clinical social work, is his ability to connect with his patients and family members and build rapport to create a productive therapeutic relationship that enables them to be honest and open.

He came to this work as a result of personal experience with the effects of substance use disorder on individuals and families.

I find great meaning in the opportunity to give others the support and help that I was given.

Bryan did a clinical internship at Caron before taking on the position of primary therapist. He put his business background and education to use at Caron Atlanta assisting with business development and developing his clinical expertise.

He has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration and a master’s degree in social work from Kennesaw State University.