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Alison VanHorn

Alison VanHorn
Primary Therapist
Florida (Renaissance)
A headshot of Alison VanHorn.

Alison VanHorn has been a primary therapist at Caron Renaissance since 2018. She joined Caron in 2015 as a counselor assistant, a role in which she provided patient care, crisis management, and clinical support.

“My passion for my job is driven by the opportunity to work with the team of professionals at Caron Renaissance. Collectively, we work toward the same goal: recovery for our patients. It is the first time in my professional life that I have seen that unity of purpose. Caron’s values are demonstrated every day in the patient care that is provided.”

Alison applies dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills and principles in her clinical work. As a counselor assistant, she was among the first group of people trained in DBT at Caron. She also had the opportunity during her time as a counselor assistant to co-facilitate family workshops and take on a clinical role with the dialectical behavioral therapy team.

In 2018, Alison also volunteered her time to a national initiative to raise awareness of human trafficking, sponsored by the FBI and the Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force in Philadelphia. As a result of her work with that initiative, she was asked to provide the keynote speech at the Bucks Coalition Against Trafficking conference in 2018.

Alison is a certified addiction professional. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice in 2007, continuing at the university to attain a Master of Arts degree in criminology in 2008, programs of study that included in-depth education in psychology and addiction as well as broader mental health issues.

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