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Prevention Programs for Students

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

LifeSkills® Training

LifeSkills® Training is a comprehensive approach to prevention based on the science of substance abuse. LifeSkills® Training helps students, grades 3 through 12, develop skills that reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. Evaluations show that participating in this drug prevention program:

  • Reduces tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use by up to 75%
  • Reduces poly-drug use by up to 66%
  • Decreases use of inhalants, narcotics and hallucinogens

According to evaluative studies, LifeSkills® Training helps prevent substance abuse for up to 6 years and is effective across diverse populations. Booster sessions can be administered to maintain the program's impact.

For more information, call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this form to contact Caron SAP.

PATHS® (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Program

The PATHS® program is an interactive and engaging curriculum for students in grades one through six that promotes social and emotional learning; character development; bullying prevention; and builds the problem-solving abilities and life skills necessary for positive relationships. The PATHS® program teaches children how to change behaviors and attitudes that contribute to violence and bullying, how to express and control their emotions, and how to develop effective conflict-resolution strategies.

Caron’s Student Assistance Specialists can tailor the PATHS® program curriculum to your classroom environment. Typically, the program runs for 8 to 10 weeks, and meets once a week for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on grade level.

The PATHS® program is a registered trademark of Channing Bete Company, Inc. The PATHS® program and the Channing Bete Company are not affiliated with the Richard J. Caron. Foundation, its programs or services.

Call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this form to contact us to learn more about bringing PATHS to your school or institution.

The Next Step

The Next Step program prepares college-bound high school seniors to make wise choices and take care of themselves while away at college. Program set-up is flexible and customizable, but usually accommodates about 30 participants during two sessions.

During the first session, participants learn about the educational, legal, social, and health risks associated with alcohol use and abuse on college campuses. The second session focuses on helpful, college-specific tips for getting along with a roommate, identifying a support system, and taking care of physical and emotional health while away from home.

To learn more, call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this contact form.


Marijuana Facts

Recent studies show that young people’s use of marijuana has been increasing, leading many to deal with harsh repercussions. This highly interactive, 45 to 60 minute presentation covers the latest research on marijuana use, abuse, and dependence. Students will learn about the physical, mental, emotional, academic and legal risks that exist with marijuana use and begin to understand the benefits of abstaining.

To learn more, call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this contact form.

Medicine Abuse Program

The Medicine Abuse Project is a five-year action campaign to prevent half a million teens from abusing medicine by 2017. The goal of The Medicine Abuse Project is to educate students, parents and professionals about the dangers and consequences of abusing prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Objectives of Caron's Medicine Abuse Program include:

  • Increasing awareness of the prevalence of adolescent medicine abuse
  • Educating students on the signs, symptoms and dangers of medicine abuse
  • Providing healthy alternatives to using medications
  • Offering resources related to medicine abuse

To learn more about the Medicine Abuse Program, call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this contact form.

The Continuum of Chemical Dependency

This interactive, 45 to 60 minute classroom presentation educates students on the potential consequences of drug and alcohol use and how, for some, the decision to use can progress to addiction. After a brief lecture, students engage in a powerful experiential activity that allows them to imagine how the decision to use drugs and alcohol could cause them to lose whatever they value most in life.

To learn more, call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this contact form.

Nicotine: The CLEAR Facts

In this 45 to 60 minute presentation,  students will learn about the health impact of using nicotine delivery devices such as cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and electronic products and the addictive properties of nicotine by listening to facts, expressing knowledge of consequences, looking at visuals and participating in hands-on activities to reinforce relevant concepts.

To learn more, call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this contact form.

Brain Drain

Available in both classroom and large group assembly formats, this highly interactive, 45 to 60 minute presentation provides current, research-based information on various aspects of drug abuse and addiction. During the presentation, participants learn about neurobiology—the brain’s parts, how they work, and how they communicate with the rest of the body—and how drugs of abuse affect it. By the end of the program, participants have a better understanding of the science behind drugs, and understand that they cause side effects ranging from mild symptoms to addiction.

Material is suitable for fifth graders and older, and emphasizes that adolescent brains are more susceptible to negative effects.

To learn more, call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or use this contact form.

Pay it Forward

A 3-session workshop for students, Pay it Forward seamlessly blends activities, discussions, and trainings into one powerful peer leadership training program. Over the course of the workshop, participants are trained as Peer Leaders and learn to leverage the power of peer influence to help other teens cope with the universal, everyday problems and pressures of becoming adults.

Because peer leadership is perpetuated when young people “pay it forward,” workshop participants are encouraged to share the skills they have learned with other students; develop their own ideas; set their own goals; and work together to create unique programs that promote respect in their schools and communities. Workshop objectives are to:

  • Address important transitions in young people’s lives by helping peer leaders develop skills that reinforce healthy values
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Reinforce relevant concepts through experiential learning
  • Engage participants in creative team activities that reinforce the principles of teamwork: effective communication skills, collaborative problem-solving, and planning
  • Encourage team members to get to know each other in new ways, and help them form positive and meaningful connections

Call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or contact us to learn more about Pay it Forward.