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Caron Renaissance moves patients from unhealthy dependence to interdependence, from broken relationships to healthy ones, from blame to responsibility.

Both substance use disorder and process addictions, like digital addiction, eating, gambling, and sex, among others, are used to cope with underlying issues. Caron Renaissance takes a clinically intensive, individualized approach to dealing with addictions by uncovering and treating those underlying issues at the same time we treat the addictions.

By treating them as a part of a dynamic system that includes mental/emotional health, family systems, and emotional maturity, Caron Renaissance enables patients and their families to build better, healthier lives and relationships with one another, in which each person in the relationship sets and maintains boundaries and has a strong sense of self.

The Renaissance approach builds the foundation for a rewarding life in recovery.

Who We Treat

Our patients are often:

  • People who are struggling with more than just substance use or need a more comprehensive treatment approach. When treatment fails, many people believe that they are incapable of a life in recovery. Yet, as Caron Renaissance alumni can attest, treatment is possible, even after multiple relapses. Our intensive, multifaceted approach offers hope.

  • Successful professionals whose relationships are unraveling due to substance use disorder or process addictions. At Caron Renaissance, we get beyond superficial behaviors to address the deeper issues, enabling change at that same deep level.

  • Adults and young adults with substance use disorder who have not yet achieved the typical markers of the transition to successful adulthood, such as graduating from college, becoming financially independent, and maintaining stable relationships. With our expert support, they learn what it means to be self-sufficient and the pride and confidence that comes with it.
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Treatment for Underlying Issues

Too often treatment focuses on superficial behaviors as the primary issue without the depth and scope of investigation to see these behaviors as symptomatic. By getting past the superficial behaviors, the door opens to address the real issues of insecurity, trauma, and mental health issues, among others. We have developed behavior-specific programming provided by staff trained to deal with that particular behavior, including:

  • Addiction interaction disorders
  • Adoption
  • Anger resolution
  • Body image and eating disorders
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Digital addiction
  • Gambling
  • Gender identity
  • Grief and loss
  • Parenting
  • Sexual concerns
  • Trauma
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Longer-term, In-depth Treatment Model

A typical addiction treatment experience usually lasts between five and 28 days. Research at the National Institute of Drug Abuse shows that treatment lasting less than 90 days has limited effectiveness; therefore, treatment at Caron Renaissance is a minimum of three months. Our treatment model allows our expert staff to provide the oversight and mentoring needed for patients to learn and use new behaviors and skills that create the foundation for a healthy, successful life post-treatment.

Often, the mental health problems that gave rise to substance abuse and compulsive behaviors have taken decades to take hold. By getting patients to look at the drivers of their behavior—traumas, family dynamics, and/or sources of insecurity—they can start the process of recognizing the impact of past experiences and begin to develop skills to help them address issues in healthy ways.

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Integrated Treatment

Our comprehensive and in-depth approach is made possible by a team of dedicated full-time, on-site professionals, including certified addiction counselors, family therapists, mental health specialists, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurse practitioners. With that combined experience and their collaborative approach, we can accurately and expertly create tailored treatment plans, and address co-occurring disorders, like depression, anxiety, or trauma as needed.

Thorough clinical and medical assessments address each patient’s needs, from pre-admission and detoxification through treatment and aftercare. Proven treatment methods for intensive individual, group, and family therapy are chosen to meet each patient’s treatment goals and those of their family. Treatment may include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • DBT-informed therapies (dialectical behavior therapy)
  • Integrative trauma treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Neurofeedback
  • Neuropsychiatric testing
  • Pharmacogenomics (a genetic testing technique that enables the most effective medication with the fewest side effects to be prescribed)
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Psychopharmacology (the use of medications in treating mental disorders)

Spirituality has been an integral part of Caron treatment since its founding more than 60 years ago and remains an important part of a patient’s treatment. Every patient’s treatment plan includes an opportunity for optional individual sessions with a faith leader of their choosing—rabbi, priest, minister, or other spiritual guide. We make accommodations for any faith-based needs our patients have, such as keeping kosher or special dietary needs.

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Medical Director, Caron Florida
Anthony Campo MD, FASAM, FAPA, is the Medical Director at Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive.
Executive Director of Caron Renaissance

Groundbreaking Treatment for Internet and Video Game Disorder

Caron Renaissance has developed one of the first treatment tracks to treat internet and video game disorder in clinical collaboration with Dr. Clifford Sussman. The program combines Caron Renaissance’s 30 years of experience in treating process disorders and Dr. Sussman’s specialized knowledge in the treatment of internet and video game use disorders.

In today’s environment, screen time is a virtual must, but for those for whom it is a problem, there must be a balance to their use that enables them to lead healthy, well-rounded lives. Our therapeutic approach offers patients (age 18 and older) the chance to explore healthier activities like socializing with people face to face, playing sports, or taking up exercise and finding activities for their interests that don’t include screen time. At the same time, they delve into the deeper issues that may have contributed to their use disorder guided by our expert therapists and counselors.

Treatment components include:

  • Specific and thorough screening and assessment: Because of the amount of time we as a society spend using technology, an accurate assessment is a critical component of treatment, particularly upon arrival and then during the course of the patient’s stay.

  • Digital detox: Treatment begins with a digital detox for all screens¬—phones, tablets, laptops, televisions etc. Access is added back in during treatment to help our patients learn and practice healthy balance.

  • Core counseling: Experienced therapists with knowledge of this disorder address issues underlying the addiction and provide strategies to change behavior in individual and group counseling sessions.

  • Specialty groups: These therapist-led groups focus on the specific issues related to internet and video game disorders to allow patients to share their experiences and work together on strategies for using technology in healthy ways.
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Inclusive Environment

If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, or non-binary (LGBTQ) and are seeking treatment, you will find that Caron Renaissance is a safe and affirming place for you. Our patient population is reflective of this commitment.

Our therapists and other treatment professionals have experience working with LGBTQ patients. We are committed to cultural competency and provide ongoing trainings with our clinical team to ensure we meet our commitment. In addition to a highly competent clinical team, our medical department understands this community’s unique medical concerns and treatments. We also coordinate care with local, knowledgeable community providers.

Because our treatment model is clinically intensive and focuses on the whole person, you have a safe space to examine the impact of shame, stigma, and heterosexism on your life and relationships, exploring / guiding / facilitating the way to healthy self-acceptance. Our emphasis on family treatment also offers an opportunity, when clinically indicated, for you and your family members to have direct, open, and honest dialogue that can lead to healthier and affirming relationships.

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Caron Renaissance's Campus

Treating the Family

Caron Renaissance recognizes the impact of addiction on both the individual and the family. We fully believe that “the patient is the family and the family is the patient.” To that end, the family is wholly integrated into the treatment process. As we help families understand that they are not the cause of addiction, we also work with them to understand how each member may need to change in order to give the family system the greatest chance of success. Through that work, they find ways to achieve healthy functioning and healthy relationships.

Each family is provided a dedicated family therapist to guide them in the treatment process. Each family receives an assessment that looks at family history to identify psychosocial issues that need to be addressed. By dealing with those issues, we can help the family function in ways that are healthy, open, and conducive to effective communication.

In consultation with the Caron Renaissance clinical team, the family decides on a combination of family services that will provide the best treatment for their needs:

  • Residential Family Programming: The patient and their family members reside together in the same clinical setting. Each family member works with a family therapist to identify their treatment goals and expectations. The clinical team works with the family and the patient to identify and address ineffective family dynamics and learn and practice skills, like setting boundaries, while the family is in an environment where they can be clinically supported.

  • Three-day Structured Family Workshop: Once the family has begun work with a Caron Renaissance family therapist, they attend a workshop in which they work with other families in a small group to address individual and family systems issues.

  • Clinical Impact Visits: If an issue comes up that requires immediate attention during the course of the identified patient’s treatment, we ask a family member (or members) to come in for group sessions with the patient and/or individual or family sessions as needed.

  • Buddy Program: A family member who has gone through treatment at Renaissance offers support, shares their Caron Renaissance experience and answers questions. Buddies are matched based on similar experiences, needs, and concerns.

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Programs to Prepare for Life Beyond Treatment

The foundation of our work with patients is getting to the issues that block them from living the healthiest and best possible lives they can. To that end, we employ evidence-based, intensive therapies to expose those issues and treat them. In doing so, we set expectations and boundaries for each patient, based on their needs and our clinical assessments.

For some who come to us, the emphasis will be on achieving healthy emotional connection. For others, it will be self-sufficiency. And, for others, the need will be to understand how to deal with setbacks and problems without falling back to substance use or a process addiction.

For many, all of those goals will be part of the treatment plan. As they make progress toward those goals, our support extends to preparing each patient for their lives in recovery.

These programs are designed to meet those goals.

The Professionals Track allows those who are achieving professional success—for example, but not limited to, those in a family business, mid-level professionals, and doctoral/graduate students—to receive comprehensive treatment and support focused on their recovery without derailing the success that they have so far achieved, as well as the future success they seek. While benefiting from the clinically intensive, individualized, rigorous treatment approach of Caron Renaissance, patients in this track are also supported in maintaining their professional obligations as clinically appropriate, beginning with a length of stay that enables them to successfully transition back to a healthy, successful career/profession. Features of Caron Renaissance’s Professionals Track include:

  • An executive consultant who works with each patient to define and support their short- and long-term career and/or educational goals in order to realize their full potential while staying aligned to the values of a life in recovery
  • Participating in programming with individuals at a similar professional level or who share similar life goals, including weekly group sessions
  • Planned weekly outings (dinner at a restaurant, for example) and therapeutic leaves to return to the workplace that provide opportunities for processing those experiences in light of treatment and to prepare for a return to their lives as someone in recovery
  • Private bedrooms with shared living space with a fellow professional track patient
  • A commitment to individualized wellness resources

Executive Coaching enables patients who are considering life transitions to explore new interests, reignite their passions, and/or evaluate new business opportunities with the help and support of coaching experts.

The Therapeutic Vocational Program reintegrates patients into the workforce and helps them strengthen their ego through finding a job on their own, showing up every day, and bringing home a paycheck.

The College Success Program helps patients develop an educational plan tailored to their goals and gain acceptance into a structured higher education program or continue their higher education.

The Sober Dorm Program provides a dorm on the Caron Renaissance campus so that college students can take part in transitional living in a safe collegiate recovery environment.

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Alumni and Aftercare Services

Alumni and aftercare services provide extensive support for patients to use as needed, beginning with their primary/family therapist who works with them to develop an accountability and support plan. Aftercare services, including group and individual therapy and peer-led support groups, can be incorporated into the plan as well as access to qualified therapists and programs around the world. Caron Renaissance patients can also access our medical staff as needed.

Our alumni and aftercare services work with families too, offering services to guide and support members as they address individual and family system concerns, from healthy communication to keeping boundaries.

In addition, Caron Renaissance offers patients and their families an extensive network of alumni to connect with in a number of ways, including recharge weekends, workshops, and family support groups.

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Clinical Philosophy

Nearly 30 years ago Sid Goodman founded The Renaissance Institute of Palm Beach in response to individuals leaving residential treatment centers unprepared for sobriety in the real world. Unsurprisingly, they returned to active use and ultimately, if they were lucky, back to treatment. This dynamic inspired Goodman to develop the clinical program for Renaissance based on a long-term, clinically intensive model built around the Renaissance clinical philosophy. In that model, patients live in a separate location from the facility where clinical services are delivered, creating an environment in which they could “practice” their lives in recovery.

While we have seen many evolutions in the practice of working with people with substance use disorders and compulsive behaviors over the past 30 years, Goodman’s clinical philosophy continues to be the backbone of the Caron Renaissance approach to treatment. Today, our approach is centered on the most effective, integrated, evidence-based treatments for substance use disorder and behavioral health. Those therapies include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family systems theory, and neurofeedback, among others.

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