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LGBTQ-Affirming Treatment

Safe, compassionate, accepting treatment forms the core of Caron’s programming for LGBTQ adults.

Recognizing the unique barriers to treatment specifically faced by those who identify as LGBTQ, Caron provides a welcoming environment in which you can focus on healing and recovery, free from worry of the stigmatization and misunderstanding often experienced within the Queer community. You will find empathetic, high-quality treatment for substance use disorder with specialized services that accommodate your experiences, needs, and concerns.

The treatment you need. The affirmation that matters.

LGBTQ-Affirming Services

Our specialized care for LGBTQ patients in Pennsylvania includes these components:

  • Pride Group: The weekly core therapy group discusses topics like coming out, sexuality, relationships, spirituality, heterosexism, family of origin issues, internalized homophobia, sexual trauma, shame, HIV/AIDs, and other LGBTQ concerns.
  • LGBTQ Pride monthly luncheon: Get to know and socialize with other LGBTQ patients and staff who identify as LGBTQ or allies during a private lunch.
  • 12-Step off-campus weekly LGBTQ AA Meeting: This community-based meeting offers another level of support.
  • LGBTQ retreats: During treatment, you are welcome to participate in renewal weekends with other current patients and alumni to relax, enjoy the warmth of being loved simply for who you are, and address recovery-related topics specific to the LGBTQ community and sexual/gender identity. For many of our patients, the retreats become a touchstone of their recovery program.
  • Family engagement: At Caron, we believe that the family, including those you identify as family of choice, is critical to treatment success. Family services include counseling that enables the whole family to recover and move forward in ways that lead to optimal emotional health for everyone. If you are dealing with rejection from your family because of your sexuality, our therapists can provide counseling for you and any family members you wish to include. Family services also provide loved ones with the information they need to better understand substance use disorder, mental health disorders, and how best to support you in your recovery.
  • Continuing care planning: The treatment team collaborates to develop a continuing care plan that includes LGBTQ-specific resources and recommendations for recovery when you return home. If you want a deeper level of support, Caron offers the My First Year of Recovery program with professional support to help you navigate the ups and downs of that first pivotal year following treatment. Because program staff coordinates all components of care, you don’t have to worry about a gap in coverage.
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Treatment Components

Respectful, compassionate, affirming treatment forms the basis of the work you and your treatment team will do together to determine the most effective therapies and the time needed to accomplish your treatment goals. Your treatment plan may include these components:

  • Trauma programming: If you are dealing with trauma, we have the experience and expertise to help you heal. Caron’s trauma specialists will work with you and your treatment team to develop an individualized, integrated plan to treat the trauma along with substance use disorder. In addition to evidence-based treatments, we also use trauma-sensitive yoga, mindfulness meditation, and integrative neurofeedback as part of the healing process.
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders: People with substance use disorder often also struggle with other issues, from mental health issues like depression or anxiety to compulsive behaviors, like eating, sex, and gambling. Compulsive behavior can result in a deep sense of shame that makes a healthy attitude toward pleasurable and healthy activities like sex and eating difficult, if not impossible. If you need treatment for co-occurring disorders, Caron offers knowledgeable staff and proven therapies to treat them.
  • Holistic therapies: Attention to spiritual needs, a healthy diet, nutrition counseling, and fitness activities that renew and refresh body and soul are all a part of Caron’s treatment plans. Our staff will also work with you to help you create plans for keeping up these therapies long term.
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