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SAP Services for Students

We partner with schools, families, communities and other organizations to provide comprehensive, customizable prevention programs for drugs, alcohol and nicotine.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Preparing Youth to Thrive

Today’s youth face many challenges. More often than not, they need help when it comes to finding- and taking- the right path. In response, we’ve developed several programs to help students reach their potential and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome life’s obstacles in a healthy, substance-free way.

Programs and services can be offered in person or through virtual platforms.

At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.


Caron SAP provides behavioral health assessments for students in grades five through twelve. During one-on-one meetings, Caron SAP Specialists interview students to identify substance abuse related problems, mental health issues, and other factors that could negatively affect a young person’s life. Upon completing the comprehensive assessment, Specialists make recommendations and help students implement them.

Recommendations are confidential and will only be shared with the guardian of the student and the school’s SAP Core Team. Participation is voluntary: Parents have the right to choose whether their children will participate.

Request assessment services.

Caron SAP frequently partners with schools to offer assessment services. Additionally, concerned parents can use this form or call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 to arrange a private assessment.

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Intervention Programs

Teen Intervene is a time-efficient, evidence-based program for teenagers (ages 12 to 19) suspected of having mild to moderate problems with alcohol or substance abuse. Usually recommended as a result of an SAP assessment, Teen Intervene involves two to three individual sessions designed to educate teens on their current behaviors and motivate them to pursue positive change.

The Teen Intervene program integrates stages of change theory, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help teens reduce, and ultimately eliminate, chemical use. Teen Intervene teaches teenagers how to:

  • Understand reasons for alcohol or drug involvement
  • Learn new skills that promote healthier behaviors
  • Increase willingness to change behavior related to alcohol or other drug use
  • Take responsibility for self-change

Get your teen involved.

If you think your child or student could benefit from Teen Intervene, please call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117 or contact Caron SAP. Together, we’ll arrange an assessment and decide whether Teen Intervene is an appropriate next step.

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Prevention Curriculums & Educational Programs

PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Program

The PATHS® program teaches children how to change behaviors and attitudes that contribute to violence and bullying, how to express and control their emotions, and how to develop effective conflict-resolution strategies.

Botvin LifeSkills®Training

Botvin LifeSkills® Training helps students, grades 3 through 12, develop skills that reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

Brain Drain

This highly interactive, 45 to 60 minute presentation provides current, research-based information on various aspects of drug abuse and addiction.

Substance Use Facts

This highly interactive, 45 to 60 minute presentation covers the latest research on use, abuse, and dependence of drugs of concern. This presentation is customized to include topics individual communities and schools are facing.

Nicotine: The CLEAR Facts

In this program students will learn about the health impact of using nicotine delivery devices such as cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and electronic products.

The Continuum of Chemical Dependency

This classroom presentation educates students on the potential consequences of drug and alcohol use and how, for some, the decision to use can progress to addiction.

The Next Step

The Next Step program prepares college-bound high school seniors to make wise choices and take care of themselves while away at college.

Pay it Forward

A 3-session workshop for students, Pay it Forward seamlessly blends activities, discussions, and trainings into one powerful peer leadership training program.

Peak Performance: Student Athlete Program

Caron's Peak Performance Program offers education about the increased risk student athletes face and strategies for how to avoid that risk.

Psycho-educational Support Groups

Project CONNECT®

Project CONNECT® is a nicotine cessation and reduction program that empowers adolescents to make positive choices.

Kids of Promise®

Kids of Promise® (KOP) services are designed to assist children and adolescents whose family has been impacted by addiction.

Additional group topics include, but are not limited to:

Psycho-educational support groups topics can address a variety of topics. These may include, but are not limited to: anger management, changing families, grief and loss, drug and alcohol insight, drug and alcohol intervention, recovery care support, marijuana intervention, teen issues, resiliency skills, stress management.


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