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Caron’s College Success® Program

Providing support to students throughout the Caron continuum to begin, continue or complete their academic goals in a high school, college, vocational school, or graduate school program.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Our core purpose is to ease the pain of individuals and families by restoring health, hope, spirituality and relationships.

Education is an important piece of the puzzle for the many young adults we treat at Caron. In our work to prepare you, or your loved one, for a life of recovery, we recognize the significance of starting, re-starting, or maintaining a strong connection with your education.

The College Success® team provides the expertise and resources needed for students to begin, continue or complete their academic goals at a high school, community college, public and private university, vocational school, or graduate school.

Starting when you arrive in treatment, we have the ability to provide a comprehensive psychoeducational experience that will help each student to better understand what it means to be a recovering person in an academic environment.

Staff of Caron’s College Success® Program have developed strong partnerships and therapeutic alliances with colleges, universities, and vocational schools around the country. We work directly with administrators and admissions staff on both ends to:

  • Direct communication and interaction when a student is leaving the educational environment to enter treatment, including ongoing communication with the institution while the student is in treatment.
  • Develop a plan when a student is ready to return to an educational institution after treatment, including assistance with admissions

Because our top priority is sustainable recovery from drug and alcohol addiction as well as the co-occurring issues, we make sure that patients participate in Caron’s College Success® Program when it’s right for them. Each person’s treatment team and primary counselor will collaborate to decide when this is appropriate.

At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

What to Expect During Treatment

Caron offers a dedicated Student Track for patients who want to take additional steps in integrating student recovery preparedness into their week-to-week treatment programs.  The mission of this programming is to help to provide a psychoeducational and experiential experience to our patients that will enable them to be beyond ready to return to an academic environment.

The clinical treatment and College Success® teams work together to help academically driven patients to:

  • Develop an educational plan, tailored to their goals
  • Arrange for medical leave from educational institutions
  • Gain acceptance into a structured higher education program
  • Enroll in online education classes that may be completed during treatment
  • Develop a plan to complete a degree started before entering treatment
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Featured Staff
Executive Director of Collegiate Recovery Services

What to Expect After Treatment

The College Success® team works closely with students to reinforce skills and support their transition back into an educational environment. A variety of programs are offered to students who are enrolled in a structured educational program while participating in extended care treatment, living in college house or living at home (additional fee applies). Dependent on the program selected, recovery coaching and academic case management services may include:

  • Collaborating with the clinical team to identify the best fit programs based on each individual’s educational needs, career goals, and unique interests--all of which complement their recovery and integrate a sober foundation
  • Providing a “step down” approach to the transition between treatment and college life with gradual steps away from treatment and toward interdependence
  • Assistance in transferring credits for courses taken while in treatment to their home college or university
  • Guidance in developing a budget for the school year and Identifying potential scholarships to offset academic costs
  • Enrollment in the innovative My First Year of Recovery (MyFYR), a private and interactive online platform
  • Added accountability of drug testing and urine screens

These services can be arranged as part of aftercare, consistent with Caron’s commitment to “Recovery for Life.”

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Featured Staff
Senior Clinical Director of Young Men’s Services and First Responders

The Sober Dorm Program at Caron Renaissance

Sometimes, it can be difficult or unwise for a person who has just finished treatment to shift immediately back into “real world” environments, especially a setting such as on-campus college living. Every day, more colleges and universities are recognizing the need for on-campus housing designed specifically for students in recovery who would like to live together in a sober and supportive environment. In Pennsylvania, the treatment team has developed relationships with several local institutions that offer these services.

Caron Renaissance in Florida offers a Sober Dorm Program on our campus to support a transitional living program that supports students who are attending college and desire the structure and support of off-campus recovery housing.

The Sober Dorm Program helps foster a safe collegiate recovery environment of like-minded individuals working together daily to practice the principles of recovery and abstain from using drugs and alcohol.

An academic liaison is available and serves as an advocate to help students clarify, define and reach their academic goals and will work with the student and the school to achieve everyone’s needs.

Clinical Services are provided and include:

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with the program counselors
  • Family calls with the program counselors
  • Weekly sober dorm meeting
  • On-Site Resident Advisor
  • Clinical services and oversight
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Featured Staff
Therapist, College Success® Services
Director of Support Services

Collegiate Recovery Houses in Pennsylvania

Students who are motivated and ready to begin or resume their college career as a full-time student, but need ongoing recovery support, may do so by applying to a local Pennsylvania college that features Caron-based recovery structures. These programs, offered by neighboring schools, are designed specifically to meet the needs of young adults in early recovery, whereby Caron College Success® Specialists work with faculties of these schools to obtain admission for recovering students.  In addition to providing a safe environment, these dorms help individuals to identify, understand, and overcome personal hurdles that interfere with academic success.

Each of the on-campus recovery dorms are substance-free and have house structures that guide day-to-day activities.  Students are expected to:
  • Maintain abstinence from all mood and mind-altering substances
  • Comply with curfew expectations
  • Maintain a strong overall GPA
  • Attend at least four 12-Step meetings per week
  • Maintain appropriate medication compliance
  • Work diligently with their selected sponsor to make progress through the 12-Steps

Clinical services continue to be a key component when a recovering student is living in a recovery dorm.  They will continue to partake in:

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with a Caron College Success® Specialist
  • Weekly community meetings
  • Weekly clinical group interaction at Caron

All students will have access to an on-site Resident Advisor provided by the college. Family members will be updated and involved in the treatment process when necessary.

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Featured Staff
Senior Clinical Director of Young Men’s Services and First Responders
"The collegiate recovery services turned my ill-defined ambitions and shadowy ideas into specific goals, and then into tangible assignments, and then into a physical reality – to a place, to one college, where I believe I will be able to flourish. I know I could not have made this journey alone."
, Pennsylvania
"Caron's collegiate recovery team kept me on track with starting an online course over the summer before the fall semester and helping me stay on top of my assignments. With my weekly counseling sessions and the amazing community we have within the sober dorm, I have been able to enjoy my college experience and surpassed my expectations on how my first semester would go."
Evan D.
, Pennsylvania
"Working together with the collegiate recovery services we were able to establish a therapeutic alliance with the clinical team at Caron and support my student’s transition to treatment and then eventually his return to campus."
Lani Bacharach, MSW, LCSW
Department of Social Work
Field Liaison, Adjunct Faculty - George Mason University
, Pennsylvania
"I feel these types of programs are lacking out there as I have not heard of anything like this before. Programs like these help students to transition back to college smoothly and successfully when they are ready. Students entering back into college without programs like this to assist and prepare them may find it more difficult to enter back and ultimately succeed."
Justin Duval
Florida Atlantic University
Former Assistant Director of Admissions
, Pennsylvania