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Campus Engagement

We partner with colleges and universities to provide risk-assessment, training, intervention programs, individual behavioral health assessments, and treatment recommendations.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Students attending colleges and universities face a unique transition – one in which they have new freedoms, opportunities, and challenges. For some students, these may include mental health issues, alcohol and substance abuse or dependence and addiction.

Caron’s Campus Engagement Program is designed to support them during this time of transition and give them the skills and knowledge they need to live healthy, substance-free lifestyles. We partner with you to provide risk-assessment, training, intervention programs designed to combat high-risk behavior on campus, individual student behavioral health assessments, and treatment recommendations.

At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

Working with Campuses

Our team works with colleges/universities to:

  • Develop a customized program specific to the needs of each campus
  • Provide specialized training for staff
  • Assess students to determine high risk individuals or if a substance use disorder exists
  • Advise on treatment options and provide a bridge to treatment programs

Because every institution of higher education is different, we tailor programs to meet the nuanced needs of each campus. Not only that, we ensure that every program our partners implement is a success by providing ongoing support, consultation, and follow-up.

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Working with Students

Drawing on decades of research and clinical experience, Caron specializes in helping emerging adults navigate the challenges of alcohol and drug dependence and abuse through individualized, evidence-based treatment, re-entry and recovery programs. Caron staff are deeply connected to the higher education community. Campus Engagement efforts are staffed by professionals engaged with colleges and universities who understand the compelling priorities for students and their parents during the various aspects of the campus experience.

Our staff works to create a seamless transition for students need to navigate a “pause” in their campus experience to take advantage of treatment options - whether back to their existing campus, finding an outpatient provider and support groups, or helping to select a campus environment that will support lifelong l earning and their personal recovery – Caron colleagues are there to assist you.

For more information on how to bring Caron Campus Engagement Services to your campus, please call 877-369-0112.

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Working with Parents

Caron can offer a wide range of services to parents, and other concerned individuals, of students in higher education. Parent orientation, health fairs, and parent weekends are great opportunities to provide needed information to parents related to communication around drug and alcohol issues, myths and facts, consequences of high risk use, supportive answers to difficult questions, and resources if a concern arises.

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Assessment and Consultation Services

Caron offers comprehensive behavioral health assessments for any students whose high-risk substance use patterns are causing concern among faculty and staff.  High-risk substance use patterns may include multiple policy violations, utilizing the amnesty policy once or multiple times, or a transport to the emergency room due to substance use. Trained Caron professionals conduct one-on-one assessments and provide level of care recommendations accordingly. Consultation and intervention services are also available as needed.

Brief Intervention Services

Brief intervention services blend motivational enhancement strategies with cognitive skills development for students as part of the judicial sanction process or following a positive screening that may have been offered at a health fair or as part of freshman orientation.  Services include substance use educational groups that stimulate the students to self-reflect on their substance use, provide information about substance use and its negative consequences, and offer ideas to support their decisions to change.  This group intervention is frequently advised for first-time offenders or students who engage in low-risk alcohol use.  For students with more serious policy violations or who are using illicit substances, individual interventions are recommended to provide individualized feedback, challenge expectations around substance use, and offer resources that can help the student to make a lasting change.

Classroom or Large Group Presentations

Caron staff members are available to present on a variety of drug and substance use-related topics. Group presentations can be given in the classroom or at campus organizations, such as fraternities, sororities, athletic groups, or clubs. One of Caron’s most-requested presentations is Peak Performance for the Collegiate Athlete: Substance Abuse Prevention and Healthy Habits for Life After College.  This program addresses the unique characteristics of student athletes that place them at-risk for substance use problems and is based on a four-year progression of topics including substance use and the student athlete, alcohol use and team development, stress management and healthy coping skills, and injury and opiate use.

Leadership / Resident Advisor Training

Caron offers training opportunities for residence life staff, peer mentors, student athletes, or other campus leaders. The training experience is customized to each campus, but may include the following topics:

- Current substance use trends
- High-risk substance use in the college setting
- Secondary effects of substance use on campus and in the community
- Comprehensive prevention strategies and environmental approaches
- Observable behaviors of concern
- Resources and support

Faculty and Staff Services

Caron can provide the following services to faculty and staff members:

- Faculty in-services
- Residence life training
- Curriculum infusion support
- Consultation on drug and alcohol policy development
- Prevention strategies and consultation

Parent Programming

The transition into college can be stressful for students as well as parents.  Even though many college students are living away from home, parents still have an important influence on their child’s substance use.  Caron staff can assist campus leaders in educating parents about the risks and consequences of substance use among college students and how to establish appropriate expectations for their child.

Thought Leadership

As one of the few treatment centers committed to supporting campus prevention and intervention efforts, Caron consults with campuses to assess their current programming and help identify gaps in services.  Recommendations are made based on best practices in strategies that bring research into practice.