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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Breakthrough gave me the boost I needed to make healthy changes in my life. The hopelessness that overwhelmed and prevented me from building fulfilling relationships has been eradicated. Now that I let go of my past, I am fully engaged with my family. I am able to experience all my emotions in a healthy way. I have seen my children bloom and become different as a result of the changes I made in my life. Breaking the cycle and giving my children the emotional modeling they deserve is the best gift I can give them. -Bridget

I feel as though I am a different person, a lot of weight lifted and although scary and overwhelming at times I am taking things moment by moment and looking at the world…through different eyes. It is working! I have had several people closest to me tell me I look different and one even said I looked younger. That was great to hear! My decision to go to Breakthrough was by far the best experience I have ever had in my life and I will be forever grateful! -Jennifer

I believe in your work and think it is perhaps the most important, efficient and beneficial use of time and energy I have seen. It makes sense on so many levels (psychological, emotional and spiritual). It was the best money I ever spent and the best use of time. I can think of no endeavor in life that is more valuable than assisting in the implementation of a system such as yours, that each week causes people to undergo positive transformations and access inner information that previously seemed inaccessible. Every week I think to myself, "another [nine] people…" Hundreds each year. That is something to feel good about. The amazing professionalism and love of our counselors were truly remarkable. -Evan

I was blessed to have given myself the greatest gift of my life in attending Breakthrough…It is difficult to adequately assign words to it. At present I have settled on the phrase, "positive calming internal shift", but that merely scratches the surface of the experience. I am still processing where I was, what happened, where I am now, and how better prepared I am in so many ways to travel the journey… -Terry

I have experienced several venues into personal growth. I found my experience here the most healing. Thank you! - Alumnus

I was fully supported and never at risk of being shamed or unsafe. Trust was created quickly but in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. - Alumnus

It’s indescribable! The furniture of my mind has been reupholstered in a loving, nurturing and safe environment…with skilled experts. - Alumnus

I was amazed to find myself feeling like a relaxed, loveable part of a cohesive group. I found the entire experience to be life changing and positive. I felt safe and supported the entire time. Thanks for caring. - Alumnus

The personal care and concern of all staff - not just counselors, but drivers, cafeteria staff. What a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment to come into during a stressful time. Breakthrough is pure genius. - Alumnus

The experiential group process was exceptional. Invaluable learning experience and exceptionally craftful facilitators…the best professionals I have encountered to date. - Alumnus

Brilliant, masterful program. Worth every penny. You are masters at what you do. - Alumnus