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An Interview with Doug Tieman

This episode of Recovery Executive Podcast with Nick Jaworski featured Caron's Doug Tieman, who shared his insights from 40 years’ worth of treatment sector experience, including how Caron has grown and where he thinks the field will be heading in the future.

Listen to Doug's interview on the Recovery Executive Podcast.

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After 40 years in the addiction treatment space, Doug Tieman is passing the torch as he retires. The industry has changed a lot in 40 years. Doug gives us insight into how Caron has changed and adapted in the field as well as how the field as a whole has changed, including how it will need to continue to change to meet the needs of tomorrow's patients. I thank Doug for his service and commitment to the recovery space. It was a pleasure getting his insights in this interview.

Nick Jaworski
Recovery Executive Podcast

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