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A Wellness-Focused Retirement & Avoiding Substance Overuse

Source: Bloomberg Law

Corey Rabin of Caron's Legal Professionals Program contributed a professional perspective for subscribers of Bloomberg Law, which focused on lawyers and retirement. The article, entitled A Wellness-Focused Retirement & Avoiding Substance Overuse, details risk factors for substance use disorder in retirement and provides tips for preparing emotionally for and making the most of retirement. Click to access the article to explore:

  • Recognizing risk factors for substance use disorder in retirement.
  • Planning for retirement with actionable advice.
  • Establishing the structure that allows you to enjoy the present.

"Attorneys, like other highly regarded and respected professions, will typically derive a significant amount of their identify from their professional life. When retirement comes, it can be incredibly challenging to redefine who they are, how they relate to others—as well as themselves, and deal with loss of professional life and personal identity. Given that sense of identity loss, substance use can and often will be used to mitigate that pain and sadness."

Eric Webber
Program Director, Legal Professionals Program

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