Addiction and the Holidays:
7 questions you should ask

A practical approach to celebrating the season with a loved one struggling with addiction

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8 Signs a Loved One is Struggling with Addiction
Philadelphia Magazine - Last year a reported 3,383 Pennsylvanians died from drug-related overdoses. But the trend isn’t just limited to cities like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Since 1979, addiction rates have increased 14-fold throughout the entire state, according to studies from the University of Pittsburgh.
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4 Questions you Face When Addressing Addiction With a Loved One
Philadelphia Magazine - Breaching the topic of addiction or substance use can feel overwhelming when it’s your loved who needs help. But knowing you (and your family) are not alone in the journey toward a life free from addiction can help.
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Is It Addiction? 5 Feelings You and Your Loved One Shouldn’t Dismiss
Philadelphia Magazine - For better or worse, you and your significant other took a vow to be there when times are good and times are tough. And even though no one knows you better than your other half, addiction can put a serious strain on your bond.
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Philadelphia Inquirer - Nearly eight million Americans have a drug use disorder and 16 million abuse alcohol (and many use both), according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Addiction, driven by opioids, is touching more and more households.
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A healthy relationship with the Holidays starts at home
If you have a loved one in recovery, the best gift you can give is your support. Make sure your home environment is warm and loving—one that won’t make the holidays even harder for those in recovery, or one who is still struggling with an active addiction.
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