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Caron Treatment Centers Hires Executive Director to Launch Legal Professionals Program

Wernersville, PA (November 7, 2016) - Caron Treatment Centers, a leading and nationally recognized not-for-profit provider of addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment, is pleased to announce the appointment of Link Christin to launch its Legal Professionals Program. Christin serves as the program’s first Executive Director.

Currently on campus at Caron, Christin provides pre-entry consultations and assessments for legal professionals and law firms, meets with patients during treatment who are legal professionals in both one-on-one and group settings, and coordinates with the treatment team to develop a personalized aftercare plan to ensure patients are stable upon their return to the workplace and the community. He also invites legal professionals in recovery as guest speakers to share their experiences with those in treatment.

Christin will further develop the program to include additional pre-entry, residential, and post-residential educational and clinical services. Part of these services will include coordination with law firms, disciplinary boards, licensing and admission agencies, state lawyer assistance programs, law schools, and families.

Christin currently serves as a Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Substance Use Disorder Task Force and speaks frequently across the country on behavioral issues concerning lawyers and other professionals.

“We’re excited to have Link join the Caron team to launch our specialized program for legal professionals,” said Caron’s President and CEO, Doug Tieman. “The need for customized behavioral health services for this particular demographic is greater now than ever before. Many professionals struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance due to the high demands and stresses of their job. They are working long hours, dealing with difficult clients, and trying to meet deadlines, among other responsibilities. Alcohol and drugs are, unfortunately, often used to self-medicate.”

Prior to joining Caron, Christin served as a civil trial lawyer for more than 25 years as well as a partner in two law firms in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After decades of practice as an attorney, he began his second career as founder and director of the Hazelden Legal Professionals Program. He also served as a volunteer to counsel lawyers and judges of the Virginia and Minnesota lawyer assistance programs who were struggling with addiction. Subsequently, Christin founded Heightened Performance, LLC, a behavioral health consulting firm that allowed him to bring his experience to law firms, lawyers, corporations, and law schools.

“Attorneys actively practicing who are struggling with addiction and mental health disorders pose a risk not only to themselves, but their families, firms, clients, the government, and society,” said Christin. “Legal professionals often deny they have a problem and go to great lengths to protect their career, which means they avoid seeking help until their condition becomes critical. For these reasons, it’s vital we provide a treatment program tailored to their needs.”

Christin earned his BA from Pomona College in 1975 and his JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1979. He attended the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies and received his Master’s Degree and LADC in Addiction Counseling with almost 1,000 hours of internships. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor at the William Mitchell College of Law as well as an Assistant Professor at the Hazelden School of Addiction Studies.

Link Christin