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Spiritual Friday: Awareness

"We truly need little to feel abundant. When we pay attention, a single breath can fill us to overflowing. The touch of a loved one or a moment of sunlight can bring delight to out hearts. The simple gesture of someone's hand resting on our own, a single word of kindness, or a small gift of appreciation can be all we need to feel a tremendous sense of care and well-being. We need so little to feel loved; all we need to do is to begin to notice the multitude of tiny gifts and small miracles that punctuates each day we are alive." - Wayne Muller

Awarenessis a topic we can't talk about enough. Early in recovery, we must learn how to move our awareness from our old thinking to new, from darkness to light, from pain to beauty. I encourage patients to consider the truth that they are so much more than they are willing to see. What we focus on grows and expands, in our thoughts and in our experiences, so we asked our patients, "Where is your focus?" "What do you want to grow in your life?” and "How do you change what you see?" There is always a spiritual solution.

Two Dogs

Two dogs were seen walking into the same room at the same time. A woman observing these dogs watched as they came out of the room. One dog came out with his tail wagging, looking all happy and content. The other dog came out of the room with his hair standing up, growling, and looking very angry and agitated. The woman, curious about why one dog would be so happy and the other so angry, decided to go into the room herself. There she found a room full of mirrors. The happy dog found 1,000 happy dogs staring back at him, while the angry dog found 1,000 angry dogs staring back at him. What appears in our world is a reflection of what we carry within.

Awareness and the experience of what we "see" in the world is sourced within us. Sourced in our own happiness, self love, appreciation, compassion. Our awareness changes how we see and experience our world as we change within.

"When I live with awareness in each moment, I am always present for myself. My power of choice and intention are my greatest tools. As I breathe in the air and light of this morning I am breathing in life-sober, present, grateful and aware."

G-d/Higher Power is everywhere and in everything - beauty, strength, power, guidance, and love. All we need is within us and all around us. But, are we taking time to be still and aware, and do we take time to look, listen, feel and say thank you? Are we aware of that power so much greater than us and in us?

The patients loved this topic and enjoyed the video called "This Is Water".


We asked these questions and discussed in smaller groups:

What have you become more aware of?

How can awareness be painful? Is pain spiritual? How?

Why is awareness so important in recovery?

Can you help others be more aware?

What keeps you from "spiritual awareness"?

"Those who are looking for G-d already have G-d. They have only to realize that single reality which is everywhere and present at all times. There is no losing or escaping that which we are."Ellen Grace O'Brien

My intention:

“Today I will be grateful for any awareness I encounter. I will express gratitude, peace and dignity when life gets my attention. I will remember it's okay to accept the temporary discomfort from awareness because I can trust that it's my Higher Power moving me forward." - Melanie Beattie

(Being) Awake and aware, we become who we are truly meant to be and we honor others as they do the same.

So many blessings in this life! Thank you for being one of mine.

With love and a grateful heart,