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Spiritual Friday: Love

Spiritual Friday: Love

We had an amazing Spiritual Friday led again by our patients. Our ministers, rabbi, and other spiritual leaders were totally blown away by the depth and dedication of our patients as they served the community in this meaningful way.

The group started with the song "What Is Love?"

One of the patients gave us a lesson on the 4 types of love from the Greeks:

Eros - romantic love

Agape - unconditional love for G-d, universal love, parent/child love

Phileo - brotherly love

Storge - love for your country, family

The patients really loved this!

"To see others as they are, without judgment, is an act of love. Allowing people in my life to be who they are is exactly what I would ask of them. I want my relationships to be honest. If I don't take other's opinions personally, then they cannot hurt me. In all of my relationships I will give what I would ask for myself – the truth." -The Spirit Recovery Meditation Journal

The leaders then led us in a round of "Popcorn Love" where the patients were asked to just randomly call out what they loved. Some answers included: snow, ice cream, second chances, Jerry Garcia, West Coast sunsets, East Coast sunrises, coming here, being sober, books, mountains, swimming, Canada, America, sleep, the ones I lost, and scuba diving.

Our Popcorn Love went on for about 10 minutes!

One of the most touching moments of this day was when the patients read the love letters they wrote to themselves. The leaders began by sharing the video below and then asked the patients to write their own letters.

Here are a few of the patients’ love letters to themselves:

Dear ________

I know this may be hard to hear, but please try to listen and understand that you are a good, loving, and amazing person. It's something many have told you, but you never hear it. You always get caught up in the small stuff, but if you learn to let go and just live in the moment, your life will improve tenfold. Your relationships will become richer and more meaningful. So please stop trying so hard to find your faults and reflect on who you really are, for us. I love you. Never forget that.


Dear _________

The past 24 years have been very eventful. Thank you for giving me the strength and resilience to power through it all. Thank you for reminding me that pain and suffering are only temporary. I feel as if we've lost each other in the past few years. But as every day goes by, I catch myself finding you again, piece by piece. I had missed you so damn much it hurts my bones. Rediscovering who you truly are has given me so much hope and confidence in the future. Love Always.


Dear ________

It’s been a long journey, a rollercoaster to say the least. You've done things and continue to do things I'm not proud of. I know you're scared of change, but it has to happen for your mom, your dad, your siblings, your friends, but most importantly for yourself. The potential you possess is powerful. When you decide to tap into that power, your opportunities will be endless, but it has to start somewhere and that somewhere is within yourself. Be grateful for all the gifts you've been blessed with and share those gifts with the world. Today is the first day of the rest of your life... why not start loving yourself now?

One after the other these were read – so heartfelt, honest, and loving.

One of the patients then led a beautiful meditation with binaural beat meditation music. This music is so beautiful and can be used for your meditations at home.

After meditation, our patient leaders shared a clip from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Lots of love in the room that day – Agape and Phileo.

I am always amazed by what our patients are capable of creating.

My Love,
Reverend Laurie Durgan