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Spiritual Friday: Change

Spiritual Friday: Change

Hi everyone,

G-d, grant me the serenity,

To accept the people I

Cannot change,

The courage to change the one I can,

And, the wisdom to know it's me.

"Everything will change...when your desire to move on exceeds your desire to hold on" - Alan Cohen

"Old ways won't open new doors." - anonymous

Last week we talked about "Change" and asked these questions of the patients:

Who do you want to be?

What new doors are you willing to open?

What is changing in you?

Are you changing or are you trying to change others?

Are you willing to experience the temporary discomfort and pain of change?

Why not change...what keeps you from making positive changes?

What helps you change?

Patient response:

"Knowing G-d's in charge gives me the courage to trust and change."

Group responses:

I'm changing...."my goals, my thoughts, my attitudes, being less selfish, priorities, being more open minded, leaving toxic relationships, being humble, using my sponsor, looking at people as human with feelings instead of looking at them as objects, attachments to people

What keeps me from changing: "the unknown, vulnerability and opening up, feeling unworthy, fear, apathy, laziness"?

This was one of the group’s favorite readings...

"Life Lessons From My Favorite Show – Game of Thrones" Misando Hiraoka

Game of Thrones creates a crazy world of fantasy that mixes the power, royalty and horror of medieval times with dragons, pirates, magicians and zombies. It paints a remarkably apt picture of humanity in all its real and imagined forms, which is why I love it.

Unlike most other shows, there isn't a clear protagonist and antagonist and main characters are getting killed off all the time! There are however, some characters who have so far, survived since the beginning of the show. One of these characters is Arya Stark, my absolute favorite.

We meet Arya when she is 9, and we witness her powerful coming of age. Her mother and father and oldest brother have been brutally murdered. Arya, separated from her surviving family has found a way to survive on her own. She does it through a special sense of fearlessness that can only come from both necessity and naivete'.

Arya is a reminder of those times when we are going through immense change, when we are treading on unfamiliar ground, yet we find something within that gives us the courage and fortitude to meet the challenges. Yes Arya feels fear, but she does what she has to do to keep living with purpose.

We all have this courage within us. We all are able to draw upon resources we didn't even know we had when we are going through periods of change or challenge. Even if we've never experienced it before, even if the very ground we walk on is shaky or ridden with obstacles, there is something within us that meets each challenge with growing sense of tenacity."

The patients LOVED this reading! That "something" referred to is HP, the G-d of our understanding, Universal Mind. What we call it doesn't matter – what matters for all of us recovering is that we have it within.

People change. No one is stuck who chooses not to be. No one is without infinite potential for a radical turnaround from all that is fearful to all that is loving. (Course in Miracles)

I've linked our song for the day by Tracy Chapman. Please take a moment to listen and really hear the lyrics, profoundly power questions asked:

"If everything you think you know

Makes your life unbearable

Would you change, would you change?

If you've broken every rule and vow

And hard times come to bring you down

Would you change?

Would you change?"

I've also linked a patient favorite video from Rabbi Twerski...the pain of change from a lobster's perspective! Yes.

"Life is a journey. It would be very unfulfilling if each step was exactly the same as the last. Because life is always changing it is forever fresh and new. Allow your life to unfold gracefully. Be grateful for what was, is and forever will be." - Healing Angels

So Blessed.