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Spiritual Friday: Humility

Our topic for this past Friday was the spiritual principle of humility. The patients seem to really be enjoying this “spiritual step study.”

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

We shared some really insightful thoughts among our small groups. One of the questions asked was: Who is the most humble person you know?

Some of the answers were: Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, their grandmothers, and their fathers.

Humility is…

  • “Being teachable, serving…”
  • “Just being with you in the present moment and being giving of yourself.”
  • “Seeing yourself the way G-d sees you.”

One of our patients performed two original raps; he tied the music in with the topic beautifully and of course, the patients loved it!

We then went on to meditation and I played a Gregorian Chant. We discussed the two musical genres of chant and rap and how they are perfectly spiritual.

Our “If” Questions:

Q: If you had the gift of magic for one day, how would you use it?
I would give everyone the ability to love themselves.

Q: If you could describe your path in life so far, how would you answer?
A path filled with internal conflict and inconsistency.

Q: If you were to design a room for contemplation what would it look like?
An empty room made of glass that looks out at the vastness of the Universe.

Q: If you could face any fear head on, which would you choose?
My fear of dedicating myself totally to this process of recovery.

I love these questions. I’m always amazed at how genuine the patients are when they answer; the authenticity of these moments seem to permeate the room.

We closed with a beautiful reading:

Within the clear light of a crystal
lie all the colors of the rainbow.
Within our own nature lies everything
we need to find our way through the
experiences of this world. Most of us
only use one or two colors. We forget
that we have all the wisdom, strength,
patience, compassion, perseverance,
and joy necessary to meet our every
challenge. Radiance will shine forth
from within when we open to the
Radiant Light that is our True Nature.

What a beautiful week!

Reverend Laurie Durgan