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​Spiritual Friday: Willingness

Willingness 5/26/17

"The Spiritual Path is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don't know it.”

"When we surrender to G-d, we let go of our attachment to how things happen on the outside, and we become more concerned with what happens on the inside."
(Quotes by Marianne Williamson)

Spiritual Fridays are a time when we open the patients to these beautiful ideas – that regardless of where they have been, they are on a spiritual path. Regardless of what they have done, who they have hurt, and who they have been, inside of them is something beautiful.

Over the last several weeks, our Spiritual Fridays have been spent on the exploration of the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps.

Step Six: Were entirely ready to have G-d remove all our defects of character.

The Big Book tells us: "Any person capable of enough willingness and honesty to try repeatedly Step 6 on all their faults without reservations whatever, has indeed come a long way spiritually..."

How do we find willingness to do things that we never imagined we could do? Prayer, meditation, our relationship with G-d/Higher Power makes the impossible possible.

"In praying for willingness, we are seeking freedom from the painful refusal of our willful ego to accept the realities of our lives. We can begin the day with a simple request for the power to accept the day as it comes. Our Higher Power is always a source of love and power." - Sandy Beach

In meditation, the patients were asked to contemplate: What are you willing to let go of? An old way of thinking, a behavior, an expectation of others or yourself? What are you willing to embrace for your recovery? Exhale that which you are willing to let go of and inhale that which you are embracing.

Our meditation song was "Here I Am" by Shawn McDonald.

The patients had two pieces of paper. They wrote what they wanted to let go of on one piece and what they wanted to embrace on the other piece. They placed the paper with what they wanted to release in our crystal bowl and we played the bowl to release the energy. The papers then went to our prayer ministry at Unity where they were prayed over.

Some of the things the patients were willing to let go of included: rage, anger, selfishness, resentment, shame, dependency, and self-hatred. Some of the things they were embracing included: G-d, family, patience, confidence, powerlessness, change, AA, good habits, and humility.

This was a very meaningful practice for all of us.

With love,
Reverend Laurie Durgan