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Reflecting on Passover

As we celebrate Passover, it’s important to reflect on what the holiday truly signifies.

When the Jewish people were in Egypt they saw no way out, they were stuck and enslaved, just like those individuals suffering from addiction. Passover is about giving people freedom; however, it’s not about people doing whatever they want. When the Jews left Egypt, we received the Torah. The Torah provided structure, routine, guidance, and a higher power. This is what makes us who we are as a Jewish nation and who we are as individuals. It is similar to what people find in recovery through the 12-steps.

The word ‘hagadah’ means to tell a story. The purpose of telling our story is to teach, remind, and awaken people of not only the history, but of the present and the experience they’re about to embark on. The Seder is a passageway, much like going to a meeting. It helps bring awareness of ourselves, what we know, and what we may not know.

One part of the Seder focuses on 4 types of children: wise, wicked, simple, does not know how to ask. All four of these are within each of us. Passover is about the process of awakening distinct parts of ourselves, some of which may need redirection. It is about personal redemption, moving to the next part of our lives and bringing the best out of ourselves.

I wish everyone a happy Passover. Chag Sameach.
Rabbi Lipsker