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​Spiritual Friday: Inner Peace

During last week’s Spiritual Friday, we asked the patients to describe a moment of inner peace. These were some of their responses:

  • "Getting clean at Caron Pennsylvania and hiking the mountains. I realized the peace was coming from me, not the mountains."
  • "Going to the beach meeting and meditating with the waves."
  • "Fishing.”
  • “Running.”
  • “Witnessing the aurora borealis.”
  • “Nature.”
  • “Listening to beats!!”

This was a very sweet Friday as we spent much more time in meditation and on beautiful readings. We began with a meditative song called "Peace."

“In the middle of a crisis, I may become caught up in trying to think of some way – any way – out of it. Yet when I pause for a moment and take a deep breath, I begin to understand that the way to peace is not getting out of a situation; it is going within to my own internal center of peace.

G-d's spirit within me welcomes me to a place of absolute peace and unconditional love. Here is where all pressure and stress melt away. Aware of the presence of G-d, I am also aware that the life of G-d strengthens me and the love of G-d comforts me. And most important, the peace of G-d flows through me.

No matter where I am or what I am going through, I have a sanctuary of peace where I can withdraw to and be refreshed. Inner peace radiates out into all that I do.” - Daily Word, April 1997

This reading was so powerful for the patients.

We followed with some discussion questions:

  • Do you really believe you can feel peace in the midst of chaos?
  • Is inner peace possible for you?
  • What can you do right now to feel more peace?
  • What can you do to be an instrument of peace and not pain?

We gave the patients a copy of "The Prayer of Saint Francis" and took some time to read it and discuss how we could achieve inner peace.

"When a storm is raging and the waves are tumultuous, it is wise to dive deep down to where the water is calm. If we remain on the surface, we will be tossed and turned. But, if, like the whale, we retreat to the quiet depths of our own Being, our true home, we will find rest and peace. - Anne Mortifee, In Love with the Mystery

The patients really love and clearly understand the beautiful metaphors of peace in nature – this peace directs them back to peace within themselves. Inner peace is there; it just needs to be found – in prayer, meditation, quietness, letting go, forgiveness, self-love, compassion, others, and G-d.

We then showed a couple videos. The one about the eye of the hurricane was a favorite among the patients!

We discussed that what we see in our outer world is a projection of what we are feeling in our inner world. This places the responsibility – as well as the peace and freedom – of our lives and what we experience on ourselves and the G-d of our understanding.

That Friday, we chose peace, felt peace, and projected peace. If only for a few moments, it was the beginning of an awareness that inner peace is possible. It begins with staying clean and sober with G-d's help.


Reverend Laurie Durgan