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Summer Fun

Summer is a time of relaxation and also gives many individuals the opportunity to tap into their fun side by participating in exciting activities with friends, family and loved ones. Whether you are newly sober, years into your recovery, or just looking to have fun without drinking, there are numerous things that you can do to add a little zing to your summer:

Camping/Road Trips – By going on a road trip or camping excursion, you can take advantage of some quality time with friends or family; share stories, strengthen bonds, and make new memories.

Amusement Parks – Amusement parks are some of the most active places in the country; there is always something happening. Whether it’s a ride on the biggest roller coaster in the park or a trip down a large water slide, going to amusement parks can be one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences of the summer.

Meetups – There are numerous Meet-Ups around the world that focus on wellness, health living, fitness, and more. Find one that works for you!

Museums – Going to museums is often an excellent way to beat the heat, all while expanding your knowledge. Learning about new topics or revisiting old ones can spark deep conversations as well as new interests.

Volunteering & Charity – It’s important to give back and help others. Sites like Volunteer Match and United We Serve help you find volunteer opportunities based on what you care about. Additionally, when summertime hits, so does the popularity of races and walks such as 5k’s and 10k’s, where you can often raise money to support a cause or organization. Sign up with some of your friends and spend the weeks or days leading up to it getting in shape by exercising and eating healthy.

Local day cruises – If you live on the shoreline or are in relatively close driving distance, going on a local cruise can be a great way to spend the day. Not only will you learn more about the area that you live in or around, but you will also get to soak up the sunshine and the crisp salt-water air.

Concerts & Sporting Events – While there is often alcohol at concerts and sporting events, that does not mean there are not other options for food and beverage. Both can be a great release for you and your friends to spend quality time with one another and make long lasting memories. If you’re sober, especially newly sober or in early recovery, it is always a good idea to go to events that do involve alcohol with other sober friends.

Cinema & Theater – The summer is full of opportunities to see something spectacular. Catch an outdoor play or screening of an old movie, attend a Broadway show that’s in town, or simply go to the movie theater to check out the latest summer release.

The Outdoors – The summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors! Whether it is hiking, golfing, volleyball, swimming, frisbee golf, sailing, water skiing, rock climbing, softball, or one of the numerous outdoor activities available, being active and learning something new can be a fun and rewarding experience. It’s important to move those bones, get the blood, oxygen, and endorphins flowing, and be able to enjoy fun activities surrounded by like-minded people.

Beach trips – Packing up and hitting the beach can be the best way for everyone to relax. At the beach, you can take a nap under the sun, catch up on a good summer read, and go swimming.

Even though the summer might seem very short, there are plenty of things to do that can enhance your quality of life. By participating in activities that do not involve alcohol or other substances, you can fulfill your needs for fun without the damaging effects that can come with alcohol use.

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