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Healing Addiction’s Suffering

Caron Patients Participate in Art Project for Papal Visit

Acclaimed artist Meg Saligman, inspired by Pope Francis’ favorite painting, “Mary, Undoer of Knots,” invited Caron to share prayers from individuals suffering from addiction for the art installation, the Knotted Grotto. Caron patients inscribed prayers on strips of cloth which were incorporated in the stirring project associated with the papal visit to Philadelphia. Pictured above are Caron staff members, Elizabeth Wooldridge and Marissa Aulenbach, preparing ribbons written on by attendants of Chapel for shipment.

Addiction affects individuals, families, workplaces, and our society as a whole. The twelve step recovery movement has always linked recovering from addiction with spirituality, integrating prayer and meditation as part of the work of healing and renewal that addicts and their loved ones can experience through treatment and ongoing care. Participating in the Knotted Grotto project was an opportunity for the Caron community to come together, reflect, and be a part of a bigger movement of healing.

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