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Spiritual Friday: Guidance from Our Higher Power

I read an amazing article in the Palm Beach Post this past weekend about the sea turtles nesting and hatching up and down our beaches this summer.

“From hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away, they navigated back to their natal beach. On this night, on the same stretch of sand where they hatched decades before, these two turtles returned to lay their eggs.” As soon as those babies hatch, they complete the cycle and crawl right for the ocean.

How they find their way back is one of the animal kingdom’s enduring mysteries. So, if G-d/Higher Power guides these turtles thousands of miles, G-d can certainly guide us through our new lives. But, what does that guidance sound like?

A patient asked me the other day, “Someone told me the other day that G-d spoke to them. What does that exactly sound like; is that for real?” How does G-d speak to us and guide us? How do we know it’s G-d? Why do you think nature is a place in which many of you find your Higher Power? Can you be a source of wisdom for another? What do you do when you need guidance?

These are some of the questions we asked on Friday and here are some of the answers:

  • “I feel so insignificant in nature, so small, so my problems seem insignificant and small.”
  • “I’m not sure but I think it was G-d guiding me when I was overdosing and I suddenly wanted to live. I really wanted to live.”
  • “The pain of childhood has been guiding me.”
  • “My therapist guides me. He’s the best – I really can trust his guidance like a Higher Power.”

Several of our patients are struggling with understanding even the concept of a Higher Power. One of our group leaders asked, “Is your life better today? Whatever is making it better is your Higher Power.” That seemed to resonate with the group and myself, as well!

We began our time together with a beautiful piece of music that was suggested by a patient, “Serenade in B Flat, K.361″ by Mozart – it’s so beautiful and calming. This was our meditation. The patients really enjoyed this change of pace in music; as it was a classical piece, they were still and quiet.

Below is the YouTube video I showed of a turtle laying her eggs and the hatchlings heading to sea. Amazing.

“The more we allow for the changing circumstances of life, the more stable and easy we become. There is no greater teacher than Nature: one moment, a storm, the next, stillness. If we allow ourselves to listen and receive when in her Presence, we will eventually give birth to balance, patience, endurance, and surrender. By embracing Her teachings we mature into wisdom.” -Ann Mortifee

May you hear the whispers of G-d and have a beautiful week.

Reverend Laurie Durgan