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​Spiritual Friday: What is Faith?

What an amazing Friday created and presented by an inspiring group of patients. Patient-led Spiritual Fridays have become a favorite for our patient community as well as our leaders! When asked why they think it’s so good, they answered, “Because it means more coming from our peers. We can see that in the midst of the pain, frustration, and difficulty of our recovery work, we have the ability to create something really beautiful.”

Our patients chose the topic, “What Is Faith?” We played a moving rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. One patient sang and played the ukulele while another harmonized. It was such a holy moment; you could have heard a pin drop.

The readings and faith inspired words ranged from “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost to a beautiful Hebrew prayer sung by a patient. This prayer was especially meaningful and it visibly touched our patient community; it was full of humility, sincerity, and love and we could all see and feel that – such faith.

“We demonstrate faith just by the fact that we are involved in a recovery program. If we didn’t have faith in the promise of a better future for ourselves and our families, we wouldn’t put ourselves through the hard work and pain involved in recovery.” -Recovery Bible, Genesis 22.

“There exists a spiritual compass within each of us that was designed specifically to guide us through life. The great dilemma of human existence is how to be guided through life by that compass instead of willing our way through it with our minds. Rather than dwelling on intellectual theories that say that spiritual guidance cannot exist, we need to surrender to the fact that we are indeed lost in the vastness of life. From there we can turn to G-d with a childlike faith.” -Sandy Beach

The group then played a meditation by Deepak Chopra.

Our “If” Questions were:

Q: If G-d were to appear to you in any form, what would you choose?
My grandfather.

Q: If you could say who has been your symbolic lighthouse, who would it be?
My therapist.

Q: If you could prove the existence of G-d, how would you do it?
I would say I’m getting clear guidance to be a better man. That’s proof enough for me.

Q: If you could describe a time when you knew an angel was watching over you, what would you say?
When my mom had a stroke in the kitchen; I was so scared, but something helped us.

In the smaller groups there were some interesting discussions:

  • “I think belief comes from the head and faith comes from the heart.”
  • “We can’t have faith without doubt; doubt actually strengthens faith.”
  • “I feel really vulnerable when I share my faith.”

Our faithful group did a beautiful job! The spiritual leaders felt so fed and I personally felt spiritually stuffed!

Reverend Laurie Durgan