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​Spiritual Friday: Letting Go of Worry

Many of our patients have been experiencing fear and worry about how they will stay clean and sober. Theoretically, they understand that it has worked for others, but will it work for them?

Our topic last Friday was letting go of worry and letting G-d or a Higher Power keep us clean and sober. We offered a wide variety of readings and music with the idea that an awareness of something more powerful than us working in our lives can calm our fears, ease our pain, and pave a path of peace one day at a time. What does that “power” sound like, look like, feel like? How do we tap into it?

I played a uniquely beautiful piece of music filled with many spiritual messages that was suggested by one of our patients. The song is called “Aloha Ke Akua” which means “Breath of Life, Love of God” and you can listen to it in the video here.

I handed out a lined piece of paper titled “Gratitude List” and asked the patients to fill it up as they listened to the song. I also asked them to really listen to the words and write down a line or two that spoke to them. Here are some of the lyrics and comments that the patients recorded:

Bodies of info performing such miracles; I am a miracle made up of particles.
“I like that. We are both spiritual (miracle) and physical (particle).”

Time based prophesies have kept me from living.
“My fear of the future keeps me from really living.”

And if you wish to survive, you will find the guide inside.
“Spiritual awakening.”

I’ll stay persistent.
“…like I need to be in my program.”

I’m into it. Changing management.
“This is kind of like us and our new manager- our higher power.”

The song ended with, “Each day that I awake, I give thanks, I give thanks.”

We went around the room and shared what we were thankful for. Answers included: my family, my twin, second chances, third chances, art, music, the 12-Steps, role models, that people still love me, passion, swings, sponsors, planes (they allow us get to our loved ones quickly)

We talked about how powerful gratitude is, how it can turn negative energy positive and how it can help us see what we really have instead of worry about or focus on what we don’t.

One of the small groups talked about the idea that “it works if you work it.” What can you do to work it? Here is the list they came up with:

  • Meetings
  • Finding a community
  • Working with a sponsor
  • Self care (sleep, eating well, exercise)
  • Daily prayer/meditation
  • Structure/discipline
  • Taking life one day at a time
  • Focus
  • Simplicity/keeping it simple
  • Practicing peace/serenity
  • Being consistent

We closed with “Just For Today” from NA:

“As we begin having frequent overwhelming episodes of gratitude, an increased receptiveness to the love extended by our fellow members, and an uncontrollable urge to return this love, we’ll realize that we too, have had a spiritual awakening.”

Reverend Laurie Durgan