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​Spiritual Friday: Unconditional Love

Last Friday, we jumped off our series of topics based on the Twelve Steps and talked about unconditional love. With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, I thought it would be nice to give the patients an opportunity to write to their mothers. I brought a variety of blank thank you cards, put on some pretty music, and gave them about 15 minutes to write. We started by asking the two patients who have lost their mothers to light candles in their honor and I asked them to say their names out loud so we could hear and bless them. This sweet, heartfelt ceremony was deeply emotional for many of the patients.

The cards were collected and will be reviewed by therapists before they’re mailed. It was fun watching the patients write. One of our spiritual leaders said, “It looked like one big living room with everyone sprawled out on the floor, comfortable and at home.”

We began our time together as usual with the ringing of our Tibetan Bells followed by Charlene playing her crystal bowl. For meditation, I played a beautiful piece of music called “Devi Prayer” from the album “108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine” by Craig Pruess & Ananda.

We had several patients do spiritual readings. (I had to start bringing more readings because so many patients want to participate!) It was all so lovely.

There was no time for “If” Questions this week, but we still asked questions in small groups:

  • Who has loved you unconditionally?
  • How does spirituality help you to love in this way?
  • Do you love without condition?
  • Can you share “the best” of what your mother has given you?

The patients shared:

  • “I couldn’t cry at my mother’s funeral, but I did today.”
  • “My adoptive mom gave me life.”
  • “Today I thanked my mother for saving my son’s life by paying for his treatment.” (visiting parent)
  • “The best my mom gave me was helping with my homework and taking time to make my favorite fun foods. It’s the little things.”

I want to leave you with this beautiful reading:

“We are all born out of the energy of Divine Love. Like a million tiny seeds blown across the earth, each of us takes root to grow into a unique expression of the one Love that created us. Whether the seed of my being landed on a soft fertile place or a rocky path, I was created out of Love and am expression of Love. My eyes are opened to see anew all the love I have received and I am grateful.” (Daily Word 2011)

Blessings of Divine Love to you all.

Reverend Laurie Durgan