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Spiritual Friday: Willingness

We are continuing to focus our discussions on the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps. This past week, we talked about Step 6: Willingness.

It was so lovely, when the patients saw it was time to begin, they became totally quiet all on their own (you could hear a pin drop). I didn’t need to say a word; their silence said so much.

Why is this the step that “separates the men from the boys”? We spoke about what it really means to abandon our will and seek the will of G-d; to grow in the image and likeness of our own Creator. Some of the questions we discussed in small groups were:

  • What is the likeness of your Creator? Do you want to become it?
  • Why is willingness spiritual?
  • What must happen for you to become willing?
  • What do you think G-d’s will is for you?

I played a beautiful piece of music for meditation – “By Thy Grace” by Snatum Kaur, a song about moving away from ego and embracing your Higher Power and the total love of G-d. Many of the patients were visibly moved by the song and I was really surprised that they were all able to be still for almost eight minutes.

We then discussed our “If” Questions:

Q: If G-d could appear in any form to you, what would you choose?
As a kid I really loved the Lincoln Memorial so I’d like G-d to appear in a monument like that.

Q: If you were in need of emotional refuge, who or where would you turn to?

Q: If you could ask G-d any question, what would you ask?
How could you love me enough to save me after everything I’ve done?

Q: If you could name the material possession that means the most to you, what would it be?
My dad’s watch.

Q: If you could be caressed by the hands of someone you love (platonic), who would you choose?
My father.

Much of our time was spent asking ourselves: How important is our spirituality and our recovery? How committed are we?

It feels as though the patients are really beginning to take our time together on Fridays seriously. There is a sense of spiritual maturity.

I was happy to hear that 20 patients attended the Shabbatone last Friday night, 17 patients attended church on Sunday, and 6 patients attended a meditation class on Sunday afternoon. One of the patients actually said, “We’re gettin’ our spirituality on.”

There always seems to be a lot of appropriate laughter and that makes me happy!

Reverend Laurie Durgan