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​Spiritual Friday: Love

Our topic last Friday was LOVE. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I read the following passage from Alan Cohen’s A Deep Breath Of Life about the very first Valentine.

“The legend of St. Valentine goes back to the early days of Christianity when Christians were being persecuted by the Romans. One Christian, Valentinus, was tried as a heretic and sentenced to death. In prison he befriended a guard who respected his wisdom and soon the guard brought his seven year old blind daughter Julia to Valentinus for lessons. Daily, the two talked of important things and Julia developed a deep love and respect for her mentor.

One day Julia asked him, ‘Valentinus, do you think I will ever be able to see?’

Valentinus thought for a moment and answered, ‘With love in your heart and belief in G-d, nothing is impossible, Julia.’

At that moment, Julia was overtaken with a flash of light and suddenly her eye sight was restored. ‘Valentinus I can see!’ the child shouted.

The next day when Julia came to visit Valentinus, he was gone. He had been taken to his execution.

Julia found this note:

My Dear Julia,

Although we shall never see each other again, know that I will always love you. You are very dear to me. I will stay unseen by your side, and I will live in your heart. I believe in you.

Your Valentine”

So in that spirit, I brought all kinds of craft supplies (and cupcakes) and asked the patients to make Valentines for a group of people that were very dear to me; a group of people that really needed to be reminded that they are important and worthy of love. I put on some beautiful music and asked the patients to honor the silence as best they could and to really put their best effort into this project for people that I really love. Everyone participated and they created amazing Valentines!

I collected all the Valentines and put them in envelopes along with angel cards. I then took them to the CAs who addressed and delivered them to the patients so that when they awoke on Valentine’s Day, they each had a special message.

Here are just a few of the precious things the patients wrote:

  • “All that you are and all that you’ll be is perfect to you and it’s perfect to me!”
  • “Even though I don’t know you, I love you.”
  • “As long as you keep G-d with you, you will never be alone again.”
  • “You are what love is supposed to look like.”
  • “I love you like I love the sky.”
  • “The angels in the skies above are sending you lots of love. Believe in them, as they believe in you. Trust their care and their reasoning.”

Beautiful. We all loved Friday.

Blessing you all!

Reverend Laurie Durgan