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​Spiritual Friday: Conscious Contact

I played a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria written by Franz Schubert for the patients on Friday. The song is sung by a fictional character; a young woman fearing for her life with nothing to do but call out to, or make conscious contact with, her Higher Power, Mother Mary. The patients all seemed to love this piece of music. There was almost a sacred hush in the room and afterwards, they shared some of their thoughts:

  • “It reminded me of my mother. She always played and sang it.”
  • “It was played at my wedding; it makes me think of my wife.”
  • “Calming, so beautiful. It reminded me of my church.”

Because it has been a really tough time for the community, I thought it would be really helpful to talk about the things that could help them feel better, such as “conscious contact” with the G-d of our understanding, what that means, how that feels, and how to make that contact. I shared a powerful piece from “Just for Today”:

“…when we lose conscious contact we begin to take control of our own lives. If we do not make a daily decision to surrender our lives to the care of our Higher Power, we may become overwhelmed with fear. The more conscious we are of G-d’s care for us, the less our fears…”

We then passed our bag of “If Questions” around:

Q: If you could say what the single most joyous thing about life is, what would you say?
: Having meaningful connections with people.

Q: If you had one doubt about your heart and soul what would you say it is?
: That it is good.

Q: If you could name the most spiritual building you have ever entered what would you say?
:The Chapel in Caron, PA

Q: If you could name your biggest fear what would it be?
: Being alone.

Some of the questions we discussed in small groups were:

  • Why is conscious contact so important to your recovery?
  • How doyou make contact?
  • What does it feel like?

Some of the answers that were given:

  • “The silence. When we do that, we’re better.”
  • “We always have contact with G-d, but we’re not aware of it.”

What a beautiful place to end!

Reverend Laurie Durgan