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​Spiritual Friday: Awareness of a Higher Power

On a journey through a jungle, a king accidentally cut off his toe while chopping a coconut. ‘That’s wonderful!’ exclaimed his adviser. ‘There is a blessing here.’ The king, angered at the adviser's flippancy, threw him in a pit and left him there.

The next day, the king was apprehended by a band of headhunters who decided he would make a good sacrifice. When the tribal priest noticed that his toe was missing, the headhunters released him as an imperfect specimen. Suddenly, the king realized that the advisor was correct and he returned to the pit and apologized profusely.

’No apology necessary,’ said the advisor. ‘It was also a blessing that you threw me in this pit.’

‘How is that?’ asked the king.

‘Because if I was with you, the headhunters would have taken me for the sacrifice!’

If you look for miracles, you will find them. When you are in awareness of a ‘higher love’, you will see that you are taken care of at all times in all ways.

-Alan Cohen, “Deep Breath Of Life”

We had a few topics this past Friday: fear/faith, the power of love, never being alone, and awareness that G-d, the Spirit, or a Higher Power is always with us. Even when we can not see or feel or hear G-d, G-d is always with us and there is nothing to fear.

Our group leaders described their small groups as thoughtful and pure. Rabbi’s group spoke about great good coming from seeming mistakes. Charlene’s group talked about what G-d holding their hand looks like to them. For some, it means prayer and seeking out help from others; for others, it means asking for guidance and surrender. One patient mentioned the poem “Footprints”. A few patients spoke of the morning prayer group at residence and how it is strengthening their faith and lessening their fears. I played “Fix You” by Coldplay and the patients really loved it: “…lights will guide you home…and ignite your bones…”

“Hold my hand, G-d, during a time of shadows. Though I see You not, I trust that You are present.”

The Higher Power leads us, inspires us, and heals us.

We then passed the bag of “If” questions around:

Q: If you could make a case for the existence of G-d, what would you say?
My mom went from going in and out of hospitals to celebrating 30 years of sobriety and being able to enjoy the sunset over the ocean.

Q: If you could add an 11th Commandment, what would it be?
Thou shalt forgive.

Q: If you could have G-d perform one miracle today, what would you ask for?
Please bring my sister back to life.

Q: What is the healthiest thought you have on a daily basis?
To love myself.

Blessings to you all!

Reverend Laurie Durgan