Spring Appeal

Sobriety Coin

Thirty-eight years after receiving her first coin, memories of Anne’s treatment at Caron remain clear.

“I had begun my journey into spirituality and honesty,” she says. “Above all, I was grateful for the caring people who helped me - their kindness let me trust enough to begin accepting help. I was shown the way to recovery and a life that is richer and more rewarding than anything I could have imagined for myself. Caron has been my North Star. That is why I have personally supported Caron throughout the last 38 years.”

Join Anne in making this your tradition too. The need has never been more urgent, and with your gift, Caron can help more people: It’s that simple. Anne B. knows. “Passing on what has been given to me—that is true joy” she says. “Think of the good we can accomplish together.”

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Please contact Karen DeLong at KDeLong@Caron.org or 800-678-2332 ext. 6193 with questions or for more information about the Spring Appeal.


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