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Spring Appeal

2018 Spring Appeal 

This is a time of growth at Caron. Through Caron’s comprehensive treatment programs, people whose lives were once ruled by addiction are thriving in recovery.

Here’s a story about just one of those people. Not long ago, Maura was so consumed by her addiction that her family basically gave up on her. Can you imagine how that feels?

“Alcohol became my worst best friend,” she says. “By Feb. 7, 2011, I was rarely sober. By then, I was falling into hell.

“But that night,” she says, “as drunk as I’d ever been, I had a sudden moment of clarity.” And in that moment, she connected with Caron.

Because of programs offered at Caron, people like Maura get a second chance. That’s not to say it was easy.

Quality, evidence-based treatment is costly – for many, it is simply beyond their means. But gifts from people like you make treatment possible for those who have nowhere else to turn. Gifts from people like you help others grow and thrive!

Through programs and services like these, lives are being saved. But we can’t do it alone. The need is too great! The opioid epidemic is the worst drug crisis in American history. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50.

With help from Caron, Maura’s life has been reborn. Today, she and her daughters own and operate a thriving confectionary and bakery.

“My experience as a doula – a caregiver – shaped my rebirth,” Maura says. “You can rebirth yourself anytime you want. In any transition, you’ll have contractions and pangs of deep pain. It’s basically the same as giving birth to a baby: You just give birth to yourself. You breathe through it, and you reach out to other people and ask for help. And you do the hard work, because you know at the end of it, you’re going to get something really great. You’re going to get a new you.”