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Spring Appeal

2018 Spring Appeal 

Alone in an empty nest, I began drinking. Alcohol became my worst best friend. By Feb. 7, 2011, I was rarely sober. By then, I was falling into hell. That night, as drunk as I’d ever been, I reached out to Caron for help.

After a nearly 18-year career running my own doula service, working with mothers and families, I moved in a different direction. Today, my daughters and I own and operate a thriving confectionary and bakery.

Rebirth like mine is rarely accomplished alone. For the person battling addiction, treatment is essential – but costly. Many simply can’t afford it. That’s why your gifts are so important.

Because of the seeds you’ve planted, incredible things are happening at Caron. Some 356 people, at last count, are growing in recovery. These patients and family members are currently participating in Caron’s My First Year in Recovery program.

Actually, they’re not just participating – thanks to your encouragement, they’re thriving. Fully three-quarters of alumni who complete this program are abstinent at the one-year mark. What makes it work?

Quite simply, programs you make possible help people grow in recovery.

My experience as a caregiver taught me this: You can rebirth yourself anytime you want. In any transition, you’ll have contractions and pangs of deep pain. It’s basically the same as giving birth to a baby: You just give birth to yourself. And you do the hard work, because you know at the end of it, you’re going to get something really great. You’re going to get a new you.

Because of you, I did. Thanks for being the kind of person who cares!