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Cleaning up After the Storm

Meredith Hardee, Spiritual Counselor Caron PA

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Rain is falling steadily outside my office on the mountain. A week ago, a snowstorm covered this mountain with several feet of snow. A week later, at almost 60 degrees, Mother Earth is cleaning up.

After the snowstorm, there was shoveling to be done, streets to be cleared, and in my area, front loaders taking away snow. The next week, temperatures began to rise and the snow slowly melted. Today, the rain has come and is washing the streets, backyards and gutters clean of snow. Our recovery is like the clean up after a heavy snow. At times, I have been able to make quick amends and move on with life. Other times, the hurt caused by my addiction was so deep, it took days, weeks and years to repair.

As I listen to the rain outside my window, I hear the gentle cleansing after the storm. Not every hurt can be cleaned up right away. The people in our lives may need time to heal his or her side of the street. They may need time-seasons- to move into forgiveness. Feet of snow just don’t disappear overnight and neither does the damage of addiction. Sometimes cleaning up means we must wait, shovel, plow or simply watch the rain melt the snow. With patience and love, the hurt will subside and healing can begin. I remind myself that spring is on the way, the days are getting longer and my garden will come alive once again. When I am healing a wound, I am patient, kind, and if need be, I go inside and shovel. When and if tears come they are like the rain that slowly melts the hurt. As the hurt melts away, I, like my garden will come alive again.

In the silence of that first shovel of snow, I wish you peace.