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Connecting Nature to Your Spiritual Journey

By: Jody Green, BA, CADC, ASAT, Addictions Counselor

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One of the biggest hurdles I encountered in early recovery was finding where I belonged in the “grand scheme of things.”  I had to examine how I could put my trust in a Higher Power that I never quite felt a connection with or to?  Many of the women I have worked with or met in the rooms of AA also describe a struggle to trust in a male Deity due to a past negative experience or trauma.  As I began to contemplate where I felt safe and accepted, it always came down to Nature. The seasons kept changing, the sun kept rising, and the moon continued her cycle without any help from me. This was the beginning of my journey towards my personal spiritual path and eventually led me to Step 2 - when I came to believe there was a Power greater than myself.

Several of the Earth religions (ie: Paganism, Shamanism and Wicca) find the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water an essential part of connecting to the 5th element of Spirit.  I have found this to be helpful in my own spiritual journey as I began to explore how my connection to the four elements could lead me to be present and mindful of my relationship to self, others and the world. I view the element of Earth as a foundation to stand on and where we all return to at the end of our journey; while the element of Air has always represented letting go, freedom and motion. I view the element of Water as a representation of cohesion and cleansing, while Fire can represent both healing (life) and destruction.   

I have spent the last 21 years of my 28 year recovery journey reconnecting to my true spirit by honoring the duality of my Higher Power (God & Goddess) and using the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to help keep me grounded,  open, empowered, passionate and able to let go. I am excited to see that humanity is beginning to return to a simpler time and efforts are being made to honor the Earth and all of the gifts she gives us each and every day. I will continue to walk the Old Path on my recovery journey and I wish you all blessings, love and light.