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Staying Connected From a Grateful Mom

By: Maxine L.

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Six years ago this August, my husband and I dropped off our almost 19 year old son into the arms of strangers in Wernersville. At that time, beaten down, emotionally drained and paralyzed with fear, I had no idea what would happen with my life. I had no idea that we had arrived in a place called Magic Mountain.  Last but not least, I had no idea that these strangers would become Family, my Caron Family.

Those first 28 days I learned our family was suffering from a family disease. The Caron treatment team gave me support, knowledge and strength to work my recovery program. They guided me to 12-step meetings.  They recommended Caron Renaissance, where a new group of folks continued to support me and work with me as I continued to work on my disease of codependency and enabling. What I experienced was Caron loving me back to life.  They were my rock and foundation to my recovery. For that I am forever grateful.

My Caron family is my blessing. Staying connected and giving back is part of the air that I breathe. It brings me so much joy and enhances my recovery. My service to Caron comes from the spirit of gratitude. What would have happened if Caron hadn’t come into my life and been part of my support system? There are no coincidences. Thank you HP!

As a grateful mom, giving back and working with new families beginning their journey at Caron keeps me whole. I was humbled when asked by the CR team to launch a family support group. I’m thrilled that now we have grown this group to include all Caron family alumni. Attending Summit Fellowship meetings, working on the NY Gala, being part of the “buddy” system at CR, speaking at FEP, being a member of NALC or taking the call from the new Mom or Dad who have left their loved one on campus, does more for me than anything else in my recovery. It keeps me selfless. I try and live in the beauty of Step 12 and provide service to others. I give back something that was so graciously given to me.  My life has been filled with many blessings since I started this journey. Staying connected to Caron and the relationships I have there, nurture and support my recovery. Caron’s support changed me forever.  It nourishes my gratitude. My journey began at Caron and it will continue to be the center of my “recovery for life”.