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The Gratitude Portrait Series

Featuring photographs by Brian Cattelle

About the Art:
The Gratitude Is… Portraits Series creatively illustrates stories of recovery. The artist created the black and white photo interpretations based on the inspiration he received from interviewing individuals about their journey of recovery.

About the Artist:
Brian Cattelle
Brian Cattelle is an alum of Caron. As a professional photographer, Brian wanted to express his gratitude for his sobriety by giving back. He used his talent to create the Gratitude Portrait Series. Click here to learn more about Brian.


Size: 11" x 14" black & white photographed / 14” x 16” finished size
Description: Quote is displayed on the back of framed portrait
Cost: $350 (includes shipping)

Proceeds will benefit Caron in Pennsylvania's Scholarship Fund. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery

Father Bill Gratitude Is... Portrait
Size: black & white photographed
Description: Gratitude Is…quote displayed on the back of framed portrait
Cost: $350 (includes shipping)

"Thank you. In my wildest dreams God, I would have never chosen this ministry, a ministry that is all-inclusive, accepts addiction as a disease and recognizes that we are all children of God. A ministry where I am blessed to be among the people rather than above them. It seems like you were pushing me, allowing my wounds to become my ministry's gifts. I couldn't have done it myself. The special people you placed in my life made this possible and for that, I am truly humbled and grateful."
- Father Bill

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Father Bill Gratitude Is... Notecards
Size: 6” x 4” note cards/white envelopes
Description: Set of 5 blank Father Bill Gratitude Is…note cards, each card with a unique image of Father Bill and one of his famous inspirational quotes.
Cost: $12.00 (includes shipping)

Father Bill

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I anchored myself in humility and service to others. As a result, I gained new perspectives on the meaning of success. Early in recovery, I took a job stocking shelves at a grocery store. I was grateful to have my arms and my legs and a clear mind. Many of those who I served with were less fortunate. Over time, I became convinced that the things I had were more than enough and gratitude became my new measuring stick.
- David F.

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"I am grateful that I can appreciate all the amazing things this world has to offer. Not just see them, but truly feel them in my heart."
- Photographer, Brian Cattelle

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"I am grateful that all my little girl dreams are coming true. May the hope and healing of body, mind, spirit, and soul make dreams come true for all in recovery."
- Marguerite S.

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"Gratitude is the feeling I experience as I watch the rippling effects of sobriety reach out, touch others and give them hope."
- Colleen G.

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"I am grateful to God for the opportunity to live my life the way it was intended. I was not meant to die early as I still have much to offer. I’m grateful that I can still be a part of my community and the greater society. Alcohol robbed me of that opportunity for over 22 years. I want to give back to the groups and the people in my society that embraced me and welcomed me back."
- Lee O.

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"Recovery saved my life and couples treatment saved our marriage. They helped us to become usefully and productively whole like the time we rode our motorcycle across the US raising money for couple’s treatment scholarships. Today we are able to wake up and ask how can we be of service which is the wellspring of our gratitude."
- Bruce E.

"Now we get to experience the joy of being on this planet together doing whatever we want and connecting with other people everywhere. We have created countless memories since starting this epic journey together and life is amazing."
- Ellen E.

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"If I do the footwork God will do the rest. My sobriety has given me the opportunity to teach chess to our youth, a passion I once lost to alcoholism. There are many life lessons and skills taught through chess. I’m able to give back to my community, the rewards of which are beyond my wildest dreams, and for that, I am eternally grateful."
- Mike R.

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