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Sober Summers

Written by: Kenneth Lanning, CA, Caron Treatment Centers

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For many of us alcoholics and addicts in early recovery, we can find it difficult to imagine enjoying a summer day without using drugs and alcohol. Allow me to share with you all how it is possible and the freedom that comes with it.

I came to the Caron in August of 2013 and, at that time, I never imagined it would be possible for me to enjoy going to the beach or fishing sober. My idea of having a good time came along with a cooler full of booze. Today, however, I am able to enjoy these activities without using drugs and alcohol. You may be wondering how. I learned a new freedom and new happiness by getting involved in a 12-Step program.

Here are five things that were taught to me:

1) I do not put myself in situations where there may be alcohol present.
2) I inquire who will be on the boat before I say yes to a full day of fishing.
3) I choose not to go with people who will be drinking. I surround myself with sober people. I found out that not everybody who goes to the beach or fishing will be packing a cooler full of alcohol and drugs.
4) I stay connected to my sponsor and friends in recovery. While on the boat and at the beach I make it a habit to use my phone and let others know how I am doing.
5) I bring my own refreshments and snacks to have throughout the day. That helps a lot.

These are things that I learned and that I practice. I hope they will work for you, too. Being prepared for a full day out on the water or on the beach is essential and gives me the freedom to enjoy myself.