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A healthy relationship with the Holidays starts at home

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

If you have a loved one in recovery, the best gift you can give is your support. Make sure your home environment is warm and loving—one that won’t make the holidays even harder for those in recovery, or one who is still struggling with an active addiction. Dr. Michele Pole, Director of Psychology at Caron Treatment Centers, offers these suggestions to help your family have a happier and better Holiday Season.

Here are 5 ways for families and those in recovery to have a better holiday:

  1. Tell loved ones in recovery that you are thinking about them. Offer your support. Don’t avoid them. Isolation can make it worse.

  2. Don’t press them to attend a gathering they find uncomfortable. And don’t police them if they come.

  3. Avoid offering unsolicited advice.

  4. Don’t make alcohol a focus of your gathering. Even if someone in recovery studiously avoids the wine, it could plant a seed and trigger relapse later—even if their drug of choice was something else.

  5. Setting boundaries is fine. If they are still using, make it clear that they will be welcome only if sober. The holidays can add motivation to enter treatment.

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If you or your loved one need help over the Holiday Season, we hope you will get in touch with us at Caron. Your success is our reward.


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