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Caron Strong: Unity, Family, Recovery

2020 Employee Campaign

The 2020 Employee Campaign theme, “Caron Strong: Unity, Family, Recovery,” celebrates our connection to Caron and to each other. We are so grateful for the work you do every day and hope you will join us in celebrating the Caron family by making a gift. Gifts of all size make an impact.

Remembering Father Bill and Tom Deitzler
This year’s campaign will make a special effort to honor and remember Tom Deitzler, Father Bill, and other Caron family we have lost recently. All employees are invited to make gifts in their memory or in memory of someone you have lost or would like to recognize. Special ways to honor Father Bill and Tom Deitzler include making a $15 gift ($1 for each year Tom Deitzler was at Caron) or a $35 gift ($1 for each year Father Bill was at Caron), but a gift of any amount is appreciated and makes a difference.

Memory Stones:
All employees (including regional/remote staff) who donate to the campaign will receive a memory stone to share a message of gratitude in memory of Father Bill, Tom Deitzler, and/or other Caron employees lost that you’d like to remember. All stones will be displayed in a fountain dedicated to Father Bill and Tom Deitzler on the Caron PA campus. Remote/regional staff are invited to participate. Please send your 3-5 word memory stone message to Shawn Fingar-Joyce at Stones will also be available throughout the campaign at department meetings and the Employee Campaign Celebration in December.

Please contact Karen DeLong with questions at 610-743-6193 or

Employee Campaign Gift