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Chapel Appeal

2018 Spring Chapel Appeal 

Do you know what it’s like to be unable to help your child? I do, and it’s a horrible place to be.

My daughter went through treatment for addiction four times. The fourth and final time was in Women’s Extended Care at Caron, where, by the grace of God, she received a scholarship. But after two months there, she was stuck at a crossroads again. Aftercare was recommended – but we had no way to pay for it.

My daughter and I had nowhere else to turn.

To say I was in a panic is an understatement. I know how important aftercare is, but we had no money left.

Then, my daughter reached out to Caron’s Chapel Fund. “I need help,” she said.

People who’ve completed treatment for substance abuse disorder sometimes need help in making the move to the next phase in their recovery journey. We know that the longer people have access to treatment, the more likely they are to achieve full recovery.

Through the grace of God, and the compassion of people who support Caron’s Chapel Fund, a scholarship from the Chapel Fund made it possible for my daughter to receive aftercare.

Nineteen months later, she’s still sober. I really believe that aftercare was exactly what she needed. She was set up for success, and that’s because of the Chapel Fund.

This discretionary fund makes a world of difference – some would say a life-saving difference – at key moments in recovery. Can we count on you to help? Please, make a gift today!