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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Caron’s Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides comprehensive, customizable drug, alcohol, and nicotine prevention services and healthy living programming designed to help students lead successful lives. We partner with schools, parents, communities, and other concerned organizations, to equip students to achieve and thrive. Below are summaries to two engaging presentations we offer. For more information about bringing Caron SAP student services to your school or organization, please give us a call at 484-345-2859:

  • 'The Next Step’: This program is designed to prepare college-bound high school seniors with information they need to make wise choices and take care of themselves while away at college. The focus is on the educational, legal, social, and health risks associated with alcohol and substance use and abuse on college campuses. The program also imparts helpful tips on getting along with a roommate, identifying a support system, and taking care of their physical and emotional health while away from home. 
  • 'The Other Talk’: This program provides current trends and information about drugs and alcohol available on college campuses as well as the importance of communicating the right messages to your child regarding these potential pitfalls. Additionally, ideas are shared to ensure a successful transition for both you and your new college student.

To better understand the relationship between social media and mental health, check out: Social Media, Stress, and Substances

Here are some other organizations that may have some helpful content: 

  • Parent Further: This is an AMAZING resource for parents interested in engaging in meaningful discussions and activities with their children. Parents can take several 10-15 question quizzes to determine the strengths and areas of growth in their relationships with their children. Then, based upon responses, specific suggestions are made to enhance connections with your family.
  • The Community of Concern: This site has a Parenting Tools component with an abundance of tips featured in the form of questions: When Do I Start? How Do I Know? What Do I Say? Now What? 
  • Not My Kid: This site has specific sections with information on: Substance Abuse, Bullying, Unhealthy Relationships, Eating Disorders, Depression & Self Injury, and Internet Safety.
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse: This resource provides up to date research and statistics on EVERYTHING a parent needs to be aware of to keep themselves in the know. Parents can sign up to receive daily or weekly newsletters via email. 
  • The Partnership at Drug-Free Kids: This organization is dedicated to reducing substance abuse among adolescents by supporting families and engaging with teens. Resources are provided to help understand the stresses and pressures today’s adolescents are faced with and the unhealthy ways many cope.
  • Stop Bullying: This site is a great resource on how to address online bullying with your kids. It provides a section for parents with information on warning signs, cyberbullying, as well as tips and tools to talk to your child about bullying.

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