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Alcohol Awareness Month

In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month, which is coming up in April, we want to hear from you!

As a recovery community, we realize secrets keep people sick. Unfortunately, for many individuals and their families who are still in the throes of active addiction, these secrets just become a normal part of their daily lives.

In order to help end the stigma of addiction and give others insight into the disease, we are asking you to share some of the daily details of your life that you kept secret while you were actively drinking. We hope your secrets will resonate with others and be the push to get them the help they need.

Below, submit a video (no more than 20 seconds) or a photo holding up a sign sharing “Because of recovery, I no longer…” Your submission may be used as part of our Alcohol Awareness Month campaign in April.

Here are a few examples: “Because of recovery, I no longer buy liquor from multiple stores so I wouldn’t be judged.” “Because of recovery, I no longer put bottles in my neighbors’ bins on recycling day.” “Because of recovery, I no longer hide liquor in random places throughout my house.”

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