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Regional Recovery Centers

Connecting patients, alumni and families to addiction recovery programming and support services.

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.
An extension of the Caron community.

Caron Treatment Centers operates several regional recovery centers in major metropolitan areas along the east coast. Serving alumni, families, professionals and communities, these offices are a valuable extension of Caron's mission.

For Caron alumni and families, they act like local rehab centers, extending the continuum of post-treatment care through support groups, events, workshops and other recovery-related programming.

For professionals, regional recovery centers offer trainings and events that cover the latest in addiction and behavioral health treatment.

For communities, schools and other concerned organizations regional recovery centers offer programming that promotes healthy, substance-free choices.

Caron’s regional recovery centers also provide referral services to those seeking addiction treatment.