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Many people desperately need Caron’s help, yet can’t afford the cost of treatment. Caron scholarship funds diminish financial barriers to treatment, allowing addicted individuals and their families receive support and achieve recovery. By giving, you help people in need access lifesaving treatment at Caron and go on to lead healthy, happy, addiction-free lives.

Annual Fund for Scholarships

When Caron Treatment Centers was founded, Dick and Catherine Caron made a commitment to helping addicts, including those who could not afford to pay for their own care. Today, their legacy of compassionate giving lives on in the Annual Fund for Scholarships. The Annual Fund for Scholarships is critical to Caron’s charitable mission. We receive dozens of calls every day from individuals and family members who are desperate for help they cannot afford. Thanks to the generous support of contributors, we are able to help more people than ever before. Each year thousands of individuals are able to receive lifesaving treatment that they otherwise could not afford.

Breakthrough Scholarship Fund

The Breakthrough Scholarship Fund supports financially limited individuals who need help reversing destructive patterns and starting life afresh. All gifts go toward covering the cost of the 5-day program.

Renaissance Lifesaver Scholarship Fund

The Renaissance Lifesaver Scholarship supports patients who can’t afford the full cost of treatment at Caron Renaissance. Contributions help individuals and families get the help they need to begin a life in recovery.

Caron is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that relies heavily on the support of generous alumni, family and friends. All donations to Caron are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, as no goods or services were provided in consideration of your gift.