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Open the Door Campaign

Featuring the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center - a signature building on Caron’s Pennsylvania Campus.

About the Campaign

Caron has embarked on a fundraising campaign to modernize our facilities, invest in new behavioral health programs, and increase scholarship assistance for families. The name of this comprehensive effort is Open the Door Campaign, and a capstone of this initiative is the construction of the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center.

Prior to beginning residential treatment at Caron, it is essential that patients undergo medically-supervised detoxification, stabilization, and assessment in an appropriate on-campus medical facility. While this phase may be minimized at other treatment centers, it is essential at world-class facilities like Caron.

Caron’s current medical unit was built in a different time, and was designed to handle fewer patients with dramatically different needs. Today, the combination of increased volume and a more diversified mix of patients with more complex needs, specifically related to the heroin epidemic, and the increased number of older adults, requires not only a larger facility, but also one with enhanced treatment capabilities.

About the Medical Center
  • With construction beginning in 2016, the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center is designed to meet the growing and changing medical needs of patients impacted by substance use disorders.
  • The 42,000 square-foot building, located on the south side of campus, serves as Caron’s welcome and admission center. The two story building is completely handicap-accessible and has ample parking.
  • The Medical Center houses Caron’s Chronic Pain and Substance Use Disorder Program as well as the Neurofeedback program. These innovative programs are integrated with overall treatment for recovery.
  • The Center also includes advanced medical capabilities for nurses and physicians; two centrally located, large nurses’ station; observation rooms for comprehensive patient care; 15 beds for detoxification and medical supervision and 14 private beds equipped for older adults.
  • With increased natural sunlight, outdoor patios and an eco-friendly green roof, the Medical Center will offer a healthy and pleasant environment for patients, families and staff.
Why Now?
The National Heroin Epidemic

Over the past 10 years, the rate of heroin-related overdose deaths in the United States nearly quadrupled among men and women, most age groups, and all income levels, with some of the greatest increases occurring in demographic groups that have had historically lower rates of heroin use.

Across the nation the number of overdose deaths in 2015 continue to climb at alarming rates. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there were 8,257 heroin deaths last year as compared to 1,779 in 2000. It is widely cited that this increase is directly related to addiction to prescription pain medication.

Caron Older Adults Program

Addiction in adults aged 65 and over is America’s fastest growing health issue; between 6% and 10% of elderly hospital admissions are the result of alcohol and drug problems. However, addiction in this group can be difficult to detect because warning signs can mimic insomnia, forgetfulness, and other age-related concerns. Approximately 10,000 people are turning 65 each day, and Caron offers addiction and behavioral health treatment that is tailored for their needs.

Making Treatment Accessible

Many patients and their families seek high quality care, but unfortunately lack the financial resources for our residential treatment. Caron will expand our scholarship program, so that we can open the door to more families from the communities that we serve. Our goal is to insure that financial barriers are removed, enabling those in need of care to take that first critical step into the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center.

Campaign Chairs
Judy Collins
Grammy Award Winning Singer & Songwriter - Honorary Chair
"Thirty-five years ago Caron saved my life and I am forever grateful. I am humbled to have been asked to serve as the Honorary Chair of the Open the Door Campaign, which will raise funds for Caron to continue to provide life changing and life saving treatment to patients and their families."
Thomas J. Moran
Chairman and Former CEO/Mutual of America
"It is with great pride that I have accepted the role of Honorary Chair of Caron’s Open the Door Campaign. Our country is faced with staggering statistics related to heroin and prescription drug abuse, as well as an alarming number of seniors struggling with addiction. Caron, a leader and innovator in the addiction treatment field, is positioned to provide world class treatment to address these concerns."
Benjamin J. Zintak, III
"I am honored to accept the invitation from Caron’s Board of Trustees to serve as Chairman of this important campaign. As a past Chair and long term member of Caron’s board, I have seen first hand the dramatic increase in patients coming to Caron for treatment to overcome addiction to prescription pain medication often in combination with alcohol. Although Caron cannot save every life impacted by this epidemic, Caron can save many more lives through continued growth and innovation."
Naming Opportunities

This campaign to build the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center is being led by hundreds of alumni, family and friends of Caron Treatment Centers. As recognition for the generosity of spirit that is flowing through this campaign, Caron is making available a wide range of naming opportunities for donors to consider. To see a full list of naming opportunities, please call us at 800-678-2332 ext. 2600.

We will also gladly accept monetary donations.

Each of these donations allows for an inscription. if you choose to make this type of donation, a representative from Caron will reach out to you to collect your desired inscription.

Serenity Garden Brick - $250

Recognize a loved with an engraved brick in Caron's Serenity Garden
4" x 8" brick - 2 lines, 12 characters per line

Family Courtyard Pavers - $500

Recognize your family or a loved one with an engraved paver placed in the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center Family Courtyard.
6” x 12” paver - 3 lines, 14 characters per line.

Grand Family Courtyard Pavers - $1,000

Recognize your family or a loved one with an engraved paver placed in the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center Family Courtyard.
12” x 12” paver - 6 lines, 14 characters per line.

Meditation Bench - $2,500

Dedicate a meditation bench positioned on Caron's Wernersville Campus.
7" x 3" plaque displayed on a bench; 4 lines, 18 characters per line

Name a Tree - $5,000

Dedicate a tree planted on Caron’s Wernersville Campus.
9” x 4” marker placed at the tree; 6 lines, 28 characters per line

12-Step Serenity Stations - $10,000

The Robert’s Family 12-Step Serenity Walk serves as a resource for retreat, renewal and spiritual growth.
9” x 4” marker placed within the Station; 6 lines, 28 characters per line