Family Treatment & Programs

Family Programming at Caron Pennsylvania

Because substance use disorder affects the whole family, we incorporate support and education in our programs.

Father and daughter hugging passionately at a group treatment session.

At a Glance

  • Dedicated, experienced family therapists

    educate, guide, and support family members.

  • In-depth, multi-day programming

    is tailored to meet specific needs, such as family members of older adults or teens.

  • A supportive program for children

    provides education and understanding.

Program Highlights

Statistics show that patients whose families participate in drug and alcohol rehab have lower relapse rates. That’s why Caron is committed to multi-day programming for family members. Our in-depth programs educate, guide, and support family members so they understand the disease of addiction and what they need to do to achieve long-term recovery as a family.

By addressing the challenges within the family system and introducing family members to a community of support, Caron gives families a foundation they can build on to create a healthy and open family system, one that works for everyone.

Families meet and are embraced by a community of other families. They build connections with other families going through the same stage of treatment and others in long-term recovery.

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A Family Member's Perspective - Real About Recovery

Key Components of Caron’s Family Programming

Through multi-day family programming at Caron Pennsylvania, patients and families receive a solid understanding of substance use disorder and learn skills to create healthy changes to the family system. Topics include:

Disease of Addiction

  • How substance use disorder progresses
  • Transition from treatment to early recovery
  • Effect of substance use disorder on families
  • Relapse behaviors

Healthy Recovery

  • Enabling addiction vs. supporting recovery
  • Setting effective boundaries
  • Building personal support systems
  • Healthy coping skills and communication
  • Recovery process
  • Introduction to recovery programs

Family members of patients in the Older Adult Program receive specialized education about how to care for older adults and support caregivers.

Family programming for the Teen Program and Young Adult Program offers parents information specific to their role, including strategies to help them set boundaries, parent their teenage/young adult child with a substance use disorder, and hold them accountable.

Family Programming for Signature Programs

Caron’s signature programs focus on addressing the unique clinical, medical, and psychological needs of those who require specialized care. Each signature program includes a family therapist who guides patients and their families toward healthy relationships. Together they work toward open, effective communication and create a plan for recovery.

The Satell Family Children and Teens Program at Caron

The Satell Family Children and Teens Program educates children about the disease of addiction and helps them to understand that they are not responsible for the disease or for “fixing” it. Program leaders create a safe and caring environment that gives children space to talk about how they feel and learn that it is okay to trust others.

Caron's doors are always open for you.

When you leave treatment, you join Caron’s community of alumni and family members. Our active and supportive network provides something for everyone. Stay connected through Caron's:

  • Regular activities, retreats, events and workshops
  • Fellowship groups and programs
  • Parent and family support groups
  • Volunteer opportunities

Make Caron part of your ongoing journey and draw on the inspiration, hope, and strength that the collective power of our community offers.


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