Family Treatment & Programs

Family Programming at Caron Ocean Drive

The recovery of the whole family is foundational to our treatment philosophy.

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At a Glance

  • A treatment plan

    is developed to meet family needs as a whole and each member’s specific needs.

  • A dedicated therapist

    works with family members to recalibrate the family system.

  • An innovative Residential Family Program

    examines underlying issues to restore healthy relationships.

With the expert support of our clinical team, families restructure relationships so that they are healthy and satisfying for each family member. We invite all loved ones—including immediate and extended family, friends, and colleagues—to participate. Our masters- and doctorate-level therapists help families to:

  • Identify the relational dynamics in the family system.
  • Identify generational themes and patterns in the family system that need to be interrupted.
  • Identify shifts that need to take place to achieve healthier dynamics.
  • Create and implement healthier boundaries.

Like patient treatment plans, family treatment plans are built from the ground up. To craft a customized treatment plan, Ocean Drive family therapists:

  • Collaborate with referents, therapists, and other treating professionals to gather information.
  • Use a family psychosocial history and Concerned Person Questionnaires.
  • Use the patient’s psychosocial information.

While family programming looks different for everyone, all plans include the following core elements:

  • The Residential Family Program: This innovative program is designed to reset relationships and in turn strengthen family bonds. A family member, identified by the patient and family therapist, lives with the patient and is fully immersed in the treatment process so that they can work together to improve their relationship. The program provides the clinical team the opportunity to better understand the relationship, highlight concerns in real time, and address the issues fueling challenges in the relationship.
  • Counseling: A dedicated family therapist with extensive experience in family systems treatment provides counseling in person, by phone, or videoconference. The therapist facilitates the patient and family in recalibrating their family system so that it is healthy and functions well for everyone.
  • Family Workshop: Tailored specifically for the participating family member(s), the workshop takes place over the course of three days. Participants are exposed to groups and also engage in family/couples/individual sessions with the family and primary therapists. Family members and patients are also able to have social interactions (as clinically indicated) during shared meals.
  • Clinical impact visits: We set up visits as clinically appropriate with family members, professional colleagues, and friends so that they can participate in groups and/or family sessions with the patient.

Our support is ongoing.

Families also collaborate with Ocean Drive’s therapists and alumni coordinator/patient advocate to establish comprehensive plans for continued recovery.


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