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Sunday, October 28, 2018 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Caron New York Regional Recovery Center
244 E 58th Street
New York, NY 10022

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Maria Hendrickson

When a loved one has a substance use disorder, life becomes complicated and unpredictable. Waiting for a perfect moment to start recovery becomes a great obsession. However, waiting for recovery makes us irritable and resentful. Since no perfect time exists, why not start our own recovery now?

As we move on this path, we learn that living with the discomfort of addiction and challenging our enabling behaviors, is not easy. The power of recovery can happen. Practicing self-compassion and encouragement may feel unfamiliar. This practice provides the space to grow in our recovery, without compromising our boundaries. It allows us to be connected to those we love. It gives us permission to forgive, without excusing negative behaviors or compromising our values. It permits us to help and support without feeling taken advantage of or judged.

In this workshop we will define compassion building and self-care techniques to help us improve our relationships. We find how encouragement can attract healthy dynamics and well-being, rather than rely on old modes of painful and unsatisfying measures. The power of compassion and encouragement permits a joint process of healing that allows us to be what we most want; to be accepted, supported, and loved.

Please do not let finances prohibit your attendance. Contact Maria Hendrickson at 610-743-6179 or for information regarding workshop scholarships.
About The Presenter
Vanessa Sommer

Vanessa Sommer MA, CADC, ICADC, is a Family Counselor at Caron. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Alvernia University, where she studied Clinical Psychology and Addiction Counseling. She continued her education at Rosemont College, receiving a Master’s Degree in Community and Applied Clinical Psychology. Vanessa began her career working as an in-home family counselor, assisting families in rebuilding their relationships after extended separation events, developing parent education programs and implementing family workshops. Since joining the team at Caron in 2004, she has worked extensively with families impacted by addiction. She has particular expertise working with the families of Seniors, Healthcare Professionals, and parents of Young Adults. She is an experienced public speaker and presents on Addiction as a Disease, Recovery and Relapse, Family Dynamics and Addiction, as well as Communication and Boundaries. Vanessa was a principal member of the Young Adult Program Family Education Program at its inception. Vanessa currently leads the Family Program for the Opioid Treatment Program at Caron. She is passionate about addiction education and family recovery.

Maria Hendrickson

Maria Hendrickson, MA, MBA, ICAADC is the Family Clinical Specialist for Caron Treatment Centers in the NY city area. She brings to the job a strong clinical background, both in addiction and co-occurring disorders, with an emphasis on relapse prevention. Maria incorporates spirituality as the core healing tool for long term recovery. Utilizing a combination of motivational interviewing and education, Maria helps families engage in an open “conversation” with their loved one about their concerns specifically as they relate to substance use disorders or behavioral health. Through the Family Engagement process families can explore best treatment options, level of care, as well as connect with support resources pre- and post-treatment.

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11:30 AM - Registration and lunch
Noon - 3 PM - Program

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